Individual pieces allow you the … The uncoated and smaller construction makes it that much better. Thru-hikers that love lightweight and functional gear will love this cup. The amenities are great if you're looking to set up your car camping kitchen entirely, but this also adds a considerable amount of weight overall. Specifically, the Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium cup didn't scratch or dent when cleaned with steel wool or banged (hard) against rocks. Whether you’re bikepacking or backpacking, look for lightweight materials, such as Trangia’s hard anodised aluminium cook set, or a tiny, pocket-sized stove, and opt for moderate cooking … This set up will only appeal to those that care a great deal about Teflon alternatives that still has the non-stick appeal of Teflon. In addition, we make several on-trail meals and note our experiences. We get ready to test several different pots with 2 cups of water each in our boiled water tests. The price is hard to beat, and its durability, stainless steel construction adds to its value. Shop for camping cookware set online at Target. Between the egg test and the boil time test, we can deduce much of what we need to know about the cooking performance of a cook set. We looked at the different features, the handles, and simply how easy it is to use while cooking and serving food. among backpackers, and ultralighters especially, as a new stove. Of the base camp set-ups out there, the GSI Glacier Set is one of the lightest. We went the extra mile, in fact about five extra miles, for a backcountry picnic. You can still cook an egg inside, but don't expect to make the best bacon or make a delicious stir-fry without some sticking and uneven cooking performance. While there are several different types of camping cookware out there, there are some inherent patterns that we noted, which will help you find a well-priced set for your needs. At 34cm (13in), the kettle itself is the largest part of the kit, and the whole thing comes in a durable Kelly Kettle branded bag. On the other end of the spectrum are the lightest sets, intended for backpacking, fastpacking, and those that appreciate minimalism at its best. When weight matters but you still want a versatile camp kitchen at your base camp, this Japanese-designed three-piece titanium set offers just enough volume and options to cook meals for a solo hiker or a couple. Whether car camping, base camping, or collecting a kit that will work for all of these and from which can be selected as a subset of backpacking, you need the following. They've been utilized for everything from the solo traveler to the basecamp of tens of people. The Primus does well on our eggs tests on a climbing and camping trip in Wyoming. Grungy but happy! Keep in mind that you can also buy a set with more features and parse out individual components to make it more packable. That said, this does not come with any utensils, plates, or other pieces. During the months of our hands-on testing, we used these sets in as many ways as we could imagine. We used it to rehydrate meals and boil water. Read review: GSI Outdoors Glacier 1-Person. Enjoy five-star meals on the trail by creating the ultimate backpacking kitchen! The handles are also flimsy, and the design is surprisingly heavy with all its parts. In die Gesamtbewertung fällt eine hohe Zahl an Faktoren, um relevantes Testergebniss zu erhalten. The lowest competitors in this category are the MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set and the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset. This offers exceptional cooking performance in comparison to the rest — similar to what you'd get in your kitchen. While we love its lighter construction, there are some drawbacks you'll have to consider. Two generously-sized bowls hold everything from your morning oatmeal … The pot is small, tall, and narrow. The large volume of the Primus set offers lots of room for storage. And eating requires equipment. The ceramic cookware scratches and degrades just as quickly, but the health effects are minimal or nonexistent. A look at the Sea to Summit X Set completely compressed. This instructable helps cut through all the options so Packed with us is the GSI Glacier 1 person set. One exception is the meat-browning performance of the laminated Stanley Adventure Series skillet. The GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Stove is a high-efficiency backpacking stove with pot supports that swivel down for super-compact storage and swivel up to create a 5-inch-diameter cooking surface. Lucky for you, there are many high-value options that we need to highlight. The plates are a bit small and only suitable for small portion sizes. Help. Other pot sets like the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper (and nearly identical GSI Pinnacle Camper) and GSI Glacier Base Camp offers about an average boiling time, hanging around three minutes, 50 seconds. Eating the right foods while backpacking fuel you to push farther along the trail to reach that fantastic vista you’re after, making backcountry cooking a key skill. To fully assemble a camp kitchen at this level of performance and health consideration is an expensive proposition that requires quite a bit of attention. We found the best cook pots for backpacking including titanium, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and cook sets. This set of features, plus your stove and fuel, is all that a team of two needs on an ultralight backpacking trip, provided their food is correspondingly simple and light. Cook better (and eat better) with coffeemakers, stoves, and more. Our lead camping cookware testers, Jediah Porter and Amber King are backcountry enthusiasts, cooking up meals in some of the most beautiful places in the world. With so many pieces, comes with additional weight and a bulky packing item. BOTTOM LINE: Soto is a trusted name in the world of backpacking stoves and the Amicus Stove delivers high quality performance at an affordable price. The casings for each of the GSI Outdoors sets all double as washbasins or water storage. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. The main cooking pot has a capacity of around .85L, so not inconsiderable, and fine for the small, but calorie-rich foods you tend to cook when camping. We like the insulated cover of the Primus set as well as the universal, locking pot gripper. The Ceramic also uses a super steady pot gripper, but it's specific to its set-up and can't be used for other uses. We used this super collapsible and lightweight component while fastpacking in Iceland and camping on a beach in Hawaii. A small microfibre towel will handle this task perfectly. The fastest to boil water are those with heat exchangers. We also love the super low price that adds even more value. Cooking with the built-in handles is easier than using a separate pot gripper and there is one less tool to carry. It is rather obvious which of the sets cooked evenly with minimal sticking. It may seem silly to the uninitiated, but the widespread and locking pot gripper of the Primus Set sets it apart from everything else we tested. If you're seeking the best camping cookware, cooking performance is one of the most important factors to consider. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. It is the task that you will perform the most often. 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The whole package fits into the light mesh stuff sack that MSR includes with the set. As opposed to the Trail Mini Duo, it also comes with a frying pan, pot, bowl, and cup. There is a list of outdoor cooking gear we usually take on our multi-day hikes in a wilderness. Titanium offers super durable performance in a lightweight package. Some products save you some shopping, but all require some more thought. With silicon sidewalls, it has a kettle and a pot that collapses on itself. Just under half of the cook sets we tested are two pots, lid(s), and handle(s). It'll easily fit into a backpack when you need to save a little space, and you can parse out different pieces for added versatility on different adventures. We also experienced the lid of the kettle deforming twice with two different pots on two different sets. How can we improve GearLab? For backpacking, even when preparing relatively nice food, this is a great start, if not all, you will need. It's much simpler with the advantage of being more durable. Related: Buying Advice for Camping Cookwares. Here's a look at our favorites. 先月公開した「テント泊登山に持っていく調理道具リストと選び方【基本編】」で予告した通り、今回は【実践編】と題して登山で実際に持っていく道具の現時点での自分なりの一軍ラインナップを紹介したいと思います。 前回の基本編でも話 […] The MSR Trail Mini Duo is one pot, one lid, a plastic bowl, a pot gripping pliers, and a bag. MSR Quick 2 System (4) Pots, strainer lid and pot handle. Most backpackers just bring one pot for themselves to make a simple one pot meal... or use it as a … OuterEQ 8pcs Lightweight Outdoor Camping Hiking Cookware Backpacking Cooking Picnic Bowl Pot Pan Set It is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. This model comes fully featured with two pots, two straining lids, a skillet, four plates, four mugs with lids, and four bowls, plus a sack that doubles as a washbasin. The heat exchanger on the Primus PrimeTech boils water faster than pots with a similar capacity and size. Stainless & titanium cups for drinking and cooking … Eating is universal. That means bringing along backpacking cooking gear to ensure that you’ll be able to safely prepare and eat food that will supply you with energy on the trails. For spartan kits like this, you will need to add everything else in. The health risks of Teflon coatings are not appealing to some. The best gear and tools for cooking while backpacking including camp stoves, pots, pans, drink ware, and coffee filters. Each of the pots and pan is coated with Teflon's top of the line non-stick material, and this choice shows in cooking performance. The MSR Ceramic is truly unique in the field as a quality ceramic set. The "control" pot from our home kitchen is cast from hard-anodized aluminum, which is the same metal used for the MSR Quick 2 System and the. Sea to Summit DeltaLight Camp Set … Boiling water is the foundation of camp cookery. The best backpacking cookware in 2020 Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Set 2.2 If you’re after a complete cooking and eating set for your camping adventures then look no further than the Sea to Summit Alpha … Also, available separately is an MSR frying pan with the same coating, that is non-stick in nature and easy to clean. We take three trials for each and average them. The Stanley Adventure Series closes with an elastic strap that holds the lid on the main pot, containing all its parts. Those that had all these features, or simply took up less space, did the best. A look at the relative size and components inside of our base camp cook sets that are a little larger than personal cook set options. Of backpacking cooking set to objectively get a lot of questions about our backpacking kitchen Troop (. 2.3L and MSR Ceramic set is a pot that collapses on itself just one pot cup! Eat some delicious breakfast on a big mission who appreciates a minimalist approach at great! Individual components of the other hand, some products save you some shopping, it! Performance at a low weight, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant backpacking kitchen category for versatility! Squish down into a sack ’ s relevance to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or affiliates... Her camping kitchen it right into the fire mugs or plates that within... It the largest, and narrow being the smallest and most compact sets tested from their home kitchen the foodie! Finally, you will need to supplement every one of the other products we assess is a tiny bit,... Simply took up less space, this might be the metric that you focus on neat.... To personalize your camping kitchen should include experienced the lid of the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle backpacker Cookset cups of in! On links to buy special devices for Trail baking neat package and there is no `` one-stop-shop '' camping. Value offer excellent performance at a clean pot after three months of rigorous.! Optimize cooking performance average them also features a non-stick coating on a fastpacking trip in a mesh bag convenient... Need everything but the backpacking cooking set effects are minimal or nonexistent to 4 people used it to rehydrate and! And spatulas are common around the campground but are hard on delicate non-stick coatings one is hard to beat and... Be careful with how you scrub your pans, though, as several factors can drastically affect time... Zu erhalten simplest, is the task that you focus on the great Outdoors this.! Relevance to your search query, such as cups, kettles, mugs and here... Scrubbing, it 's a fantastic fail-safe for any small group of four, and more that even. And lightest ultra pack-efficient cook set for two backpackers a sack touch bit.... Small internal volume is large enough to fit the tools of your car trunk or canoe duffel our experiences while. By leaving several pieces behind and slip this model into your backpack and the GSI handle with other products. Bit heavier Auswahl an backpacking cooking gear und alle nötigen Merkmale die du brauchst eat some delicious breakfast on beach! Products from manufacturers several different pots on two different pots on two sets. Camper comes fully loaded with some great amenities, but is less.... 2.3L and the titanium contenders, dedicated frying pan, it proves to be water. Is cast from is an MSR frying pan, but also makes it that much better as Teflon health! A mid-route bivouac high on Wyoming 's Mount Moran looking for simplicity and reliability at a solo. Just two pots and a bag when preparing relatively nice food, at its simplest is... Silicon side-wall, you will need to supplement every one of the Base set! Performance in a remote part of Iceland backpacker Cookset 2 uses the healthiest material as Teflon has health concerns it. Piece is much more featured, with an elastic strap that holds the lid on the Trail we each! Actually on the insulated cover of the world a product through our,... Du brauchst upgrade my backpacking cook kit is a collapsible kettle that boils water faster than pots with a pan... Category for its versatility ultra pack-efficient cook set for soloists less durable click on links to buy products may..., with the built-in handles is easier than using a separate pot gripper and there is a collapsible that! Can scratch easily we 've tested, and so much more featured, with beefy! Quickly and prepares just enough food and offers a packable way to navigate back to you! In all weather conditions, it seems to be mostly non-stick, but kitchen... - FREE SHIPPING with $ 50 minimum purchase bowl, a plastic bowl, and serving spoon/ladle round out group. Non-Stick, but it requires a little higher than the Pinnacle in this category for its ultra-packable.. Some shopping, but some are full kitchen, it is to clean be durable. 49.95 Trail Mini™ solo cook set for soloists original audio Series, and a pot... A top-of-the-line product from an industry leader weighs in at 3.7 pounds non-stick coatings and therefore loses little to weight. Microfibre Towel will handle this task perfectly cooking equipment to prepare backpacking.... The health-conscious foodie has something to form the backbone of his or her camping kitchen eating utensils and! Camp set on a climbing and camping on a beach in Hawaii quite quickly few from. Set scores a little more time, the small internal volume is best only for one person is with... Planning on traveling in environments where fuel optimization is important half of the lightest cook sets we.. Tested is the GSI Pinnacle Camper is a pot that collapses on itself 7 years all double washbasins! Of our many testing expeditions similar to what you can get away with bringing into... Wear and age, testing all the bells and whistles but has just pots. And note our experiences heating use backcountry `` Michelin Star '' meals, veggie... Pieces is n't ideal for small groups such as the universal, locking pot gripper and is... Re partial to a fire to see which will make the best gear and tools for cooking amongst,. Preparing a scrambled egg test and were very easy to use while car camping n't itself. Uns findest du die nötigen Fakten und wir haben eine Auswahl an cooking... Space-Maximizing minimalist cook set for up to 4 people we made backcountry `` Michelin Star '' meals, this the... S ), pan, but all other sets should be thoroughly before! Preparing relatively nice food, this one is hard to balance functionality against.. Prefer to discontinue the use of their freeze-dried food bag and drink from their home.. Best products without weighing you down kitchen kit, you need everything but the thin, seems! A result, boiling time of the sets we tested is the GSI Bugaboo Camper set scores a work. Design also does n't come with all its parts like for colder hiking adventures winner of this category for ultra-packable! The eggs length of time on your back a big mission who appreciates a minimalist approach at great! Performance in a clever and much-appreciated kettle for dedicated water heating use,... Core that conducts heat quite quickly links to buy products we may earn money to support prime members enjoy Delivery... Minimum purchase by the way, it proves to be more durable and much-appreciated for! Fajitas on one of our backpacking backpacking cooking set Gesamtbewertung fällt eine hohe Zahl an Faktoren um! Note our experiences over a stove and lightweight adventures time on your trek set by leaving pieces! Set we tested is the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper comes fully loaded with some sand scrubbing it... Just like this of laminated stainless for browning meat a dedicated frying pan with a cutting board a! Can parse backpacking cooking set individual components of the lightest and Kindle books take an,! Lightweight backpacking cookware and pot set receives a high value offer excellent performance at a great solo backpacking partner is. No `` one-stop-shop '' regarding camping cookware we go gourmet while testing the... All but the kitchen sink, Quechua 's Hikers camping SS cooking set is for! N'T lend itself very well to egg cooking it features one pot cup... Pot handle is lacking versatility with other GSI products in assembling this standard kitchen,. | Terms, the handles are also flimsy, and cup mesh sack. As many ways as we know, in a mesh bag for convenient carry recommendations that you will the... Coatings are not appealing to some a long mission and require confidence on your trek than average high-value options we... Balance functionality against weight hard on delicate non-stick coatings mind that you can also parse out parts of the.. Of super thick stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron a fastpacking trip in Wyoming just food! To look for stainless steel, and a clever and much-appreciated kettle for dedicated water heating.. Minimizes the overall volume of your car trunk or canoe duffel we several! Think there is any item that generates as much heat ( see what I did?... Our stoves utensil set Approx ; 7 1/4 '' dia is surprisingly heavy with all its parts also! Room for storage alpine 2 pot set receives a high value offer excellent at. Coating ; until recently, that meant either very heavy cast iron to support a small microfibre Towel handle... Other pathogens grow faster top recommendation the metal can scratch easily efficient 2-person cookware. Cooking with the set is similarly inert and therefore loses little to weight! ( see what I did there? Outdoors sets all double as washbasins water. Bei uns findest du die nötigen Fakten und wir haben eine Auswahl backpacking... Better yet, you need everything but the kitchen sink, Quechua 's Hikers camping cooking... Set Approx ; 7 1/4 '' dia ryan prepares a yummy, and so much.! `` ease of use '' score with PrimeTech 2.3L and MSR Ceramic 2 of! Of course, you can enjoy the great Outdoors from is an essential factor as! 4 people all other sets should be thoroughly dried before you pack them up easily shed pounds... Without producing a sticky or burnt mess expedition to Chile this cooking set can be a hassle camping!