On his return journey he narrowly escaped the pagan wreckers of Sussex, and only reached his own country to find Ceadda (St Chad) installed in his see. Examples of Paganism in a sentence. All this might very early, without the incentive of Jewish and pagan example, have affected the symbolic ritual of the primitive Church. While pagans burned wicker, I 'd join the local sisterhood for a little light basket-weaving. Typically, the scholars quibble about whether the source was Pagan or Jewish, rarely considering that both had their influence, through Paul. Search heathen and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. The Christian apologists and their pagan assailants; the Theodosian Code, with Godefroy's commentary; the Annals and Antiquities of Muratori, collated with " the parallel or transverse lines" of Sigonius and Maffei, Pagi and Baronius, were all critically studied. Following the fashion of the pagan mysteries in which men were only permitted to gaze upon the sacred objects after minute lustrations and scrupulous purifications, Christian teachers came to represent the Creed, Lord's Prayer and Lord's Supper as mysteries to be guarded in silence and never divulged either to the unbaptized or to the pagans. In other respects they are pagans in a low state of culture, mostly divided into hostile communities and addicted to piracy. Your heads cloven by the pagans ' blades, O warriors of the King of glory, ye truly vanquished death. At Arsuf or Joppa - neither of them far from Lydda - Perseus had slain the sea-monster that threatened the virgin Andromeda, and George, like many another Christian saint, entered into the inheritance of veneration previously enjoyed by a pagan hero.'. The lacquer ware of Nyaung-u and other villages near Pagan is noted throughout Burma. 20. Wiccans, Pagans and Druids all have a belief in the heavens, Mother Earth and the like, in which the stars and constellations play a large part in those beliefs. They are completely pagan, live in scattered hamlets, and have come very little in contact with any civilization. Thus the Kumanian colonists, mostly pagans, whom he settled in vast numbers on the waste lands, threatened to overwhelm the Christian population; while the numerous strongholds, which he encouraged his nobles to build as a protection against future Tatar invasions, subsequently became so many centres of disloyalty. Indeed, towards paganism, at least, he is perhaps even more than tolerant, preferring on the whole to keep on good terms with pagan divinities. This was partly due to the influence of Christianity, which sought to include as objects of sacrilege all forms of church property, rather than merely those things consecrated in pagan cults, partly to the efforts of the later emperors to surround themselves and everything emanating from them with highest sanctions. Certain popular beliefs connected with All Souls' Day are of pagan origin and immemorial antiquity. occult symbolism, designed to link Christ with Pagan astronomical symbols? Kam Abbott. We see," he wrote, " a rite peculiar to the pagans introduced into the churches on pretext of religion, and, while the sun is still shining, a mass of wax tapers lighted.. (3) Bishops in partibus infidelium were originally those who had been expelled from their sees by the pagans, and, while retaining their titles, were appointed to assist diocesan bishops in their work. And everything both within and without contributes to the profane and pagan character which it was Sigismondo's purpose to impress on the Christian church. The Arian appeared as an enemy alike to the pagan majority and the Catholic minority; but he came surrounded by monks, and his chief wrath was directed against the heathen temples (vide G. In his sacred poems he affected to avoid every word with the slightest savour of paganism; and he blamed the poets for their allusions to pagan divinities. Their stricter leaders, however, objected to a custom which so easily led to the worship of relics and the continuance of pagan observances; and with the advent of Islam embalming fell into disuse. 23) to Hospito, their chief, as a still pagan race, worshipping stocks and stones. Inspired prophets such as those described by Giraldus were widely known throughout the pagan Graeco-Roman world. And it's unlikely he would have any motivation for ' making up ' a pagan goddess. (179-214) himself became a Christian and abolished the pagan cults, especially the rite of castration in the service of Atargatis, which was now punished by the loss of the hands (see Bardesanes, "Book of the Laws of Countries," in Cureton, Spicilegium Syriacum, p. 31). 4. His mission was to convert the pagan Irish people to Christianity. Watching the flames burn Notre Dame, the spiritual heart of France | Elaine Sciolino | November 6, 2020 | Washington Post. At Florence the pope came into closer contact with the humanists, and to this circumstance is due the gradual dominance which they attained in the Roman Curia - a dominance which, both in itself, and even more because of the frankly pagan leanings of many in that party, was bound to awaken serious misgivings. In it he depicts the struggle of Christendom with paganism under the allegory of a struggle between the Christian virtues and the pagan vices. Although some of the coast peoples are nominally Mahommedans, and some few converts to Christianity have been made, the vast majority of Papuans remain pagan. From the 11 th to the 13th century the old Burman empire was at the height of its power, and to this period belong the splendid remains of architecture at Pagan. In the 4th century Demosthenes was expounded and imitated by the widely influential teacher, Libanius of Antioch (c. 314c. 3. When Julian visited the place in 362 the impudent population railed at him for his favour to Jewish and pagan rites, and to revenge itself for the closing of its great church of Constantine, burned down the temple of Apollo in Daphne. The Jews were ordered under pain of death to substitute for their own observances the Pagan rites prescribed for the empire generally. Thus Neopythagoreanism is a link in the chain between the old and the new in pagan philosophy. In A.D. 250 he published an edict calling for a return to the pagan state religion. There may have been a timber original; there may even have been a pagan predecessor. The Prussian bishops, who were devoted to the knights, at a synod at Elbing questioned the authority of Gedymin's letters and denounced him as an enemy of the faith; his orthodox subjects reproached him with leaning towards the Latin heresy; while the pagan Lithuanians accused him of abandoning the ancient gods. deityt a contrast to the pagan deities all around them! His father was a pagan, the priest of an idol called Abnil or Abizal. swissmediavision / E+ / Getty Images Many people in the Pagan community were raised in a religion that wasn't Paganism, and sometimes, it can be a challenge to set aside the beliefs with which you were raised.Occasionally, however, you'll encounter people who didn't set their beliefs aside at all, but have found a way to … The Fula, who first came into the country about the 15th century as nomad herdsmen, are found chiefly in the valleys, the pagan tribes holding the mountainous districts. St. Boniface, who converted the German people to Christianity, came across a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree and cut down their tree in anger. Phelan MoonSong: Many practicing Pagans are afraid of being public, but when they see my horns it reminds them it's ok to be yourself. When a line was drawn between pagan and Christian back to the creation of the world, it left outside the pale of inquiry nearly all antiquity. The nation at large was resolutely pagan, and Geza, for his own sake, was obliged to act warily. pagan: [adjective] of, relating to, or having the characteristics of pagans. It is thus demonstrable that the material for our Grail legend, in its present form, existed long anterior to any extant text, and there is no improbability in holding that a confused tradition of pagan mysteries which had assumed the form of a popular folk-tale, became finally Christianized by combination with an equally popular ecclesiastical legend, the point of contact being the vessel of the common ritual feast. In pagan lore this knot symbolized the three levels of existence; spirit, mind, and body. As long as the Christian Church was itself persecuted by the pagan empire, it advocated freedom of conscience, and insisted that religion could be promoted only by instruction and persuasion (Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Lactantius); but almost immediately after Christianity was adopted as the religion of the Roman empire the persecution of men for religious opinions began. See more ideas about Words, Cool … In the pagan cemeteries, on the other hand, the sepulchral recess as a rule entered the rock like an oven at right angles to the corridor, the body being introduced endways. The Indians then took possession, destroyed the crops, churches and archives, and revived their pagan ceremonies. 378) which suppressed pagan worship in the empire was of little effect in the extreme south. It has been argued that the sacramental rites of the Christians were largely imitated from the pagan mysteries; but for the first two hundred years this is hardly true, except perhaps in the case of certain Gnostic sects whose leaders intentionally amalgamated the new faith with old pagan ideas and rites. It might have been thought likely that the son of the pagan Sweyn would have turned out a mere hard-fighting viking. was simply the non-Christian tendency of the Renaissance, standing as it did on a purely pagan basis - " the stench of heathendom," as Dante described it. Ladislaus was not really a pagan, or he would not have devoted his share of the spoil of Durnkriit to the building of the Franciscan church at Pressburg, nor would he have venerated as he did his aunt St Margaret. Procopius, for instance, if he was not actually a Pagan, was certainly very little of a Christian. We often gather and cast a circle just as many other pagans do. chronologically sentences in Hindi. If Sarah were truly a pagan, she wouldn’t attend the services at the local church. Ramsay), the latter showed a dangerous tendency to lightness and reaction, and later events show that the pagan tradition of Artemis continued very strong and perhaps never became quite extinct in the Ephesian district. ST GREGORY (c. 213-c. 270), surnamed in later ecclesiastical tradition Thaumaturgus (the miracle-worker), was born of noble and wealthy pagan parents at Neocaesarea in Pontus, about A.D. Paganism is a term that covers a great number of spiritual and religious beliefs, and someone who follows one of these beliefs is known as a Pagan. Click for more examples 1. the other hand, pagan and Christian elements in society existed side by side without intermingling, and even openly antagonistic to each otherone aristocratic and the other democratic. Anyone trying to spout tripe about Pagans being Satan worshipers would be seen for the frauds they are. His sojourn in Europe fell exactly in the time when, in England, the reaction against the sentimental atheism of Shelley, the pagan sensitivity of Keats, and the sublime, Satanic outcastness of Byron was at its height; when, in the Catholic countries, the negative exaggerations of the French Revolution were inducing a counter current of positive faith, which threw men into the arms of a half-sentimental, half-aesthetic medievalism; and when, in Germany, the aristocratic paganism of Goethe was being swept aside by that tide of dutiful, romantic patriotism which flooded the country, as soon as it began to feel that it still existed after being run over by Napoleon's war-chariot. The failure of the pagan gods to wreak a terrible revenge undermined the whole pagan belief system. He exhibited severity and injustice when dealing with pagans and heretics. Arthur noted the role of alcohol in pagan rites. New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. Judaism Rutilius could assail without wounding either pagans or Christians, but he intimates, not obscurely, that he hates it chiefly as the evil root whence the rank plant of Christianity had sprung. For the pagans, the idea of bodily resurrection was simply a non starter. In fact, the respectable Hindu, whilst owning special allegiance to one of the two gods as his ishta devata (favourite deity), will not withhold his tribute of adoration from the other gods of the pantheon. Though meant for men of pagan birth in the first instance, it is 1.6 to them as inquirers or even converts, such as " Theophilus, " that the argument is addressed. " But Domitian, according to pagan historians, bore hardly on them. Two sisters martyred in Rome for refusing to marry pagans. 13 At Rouen the celebration of St Romain seems to preserve a recollection of human sacrifice to a serpent-demon which was primarily suppressed by a pagan hero, and at Metz, where St Clement is celebrated as the conqueror of a dragon, its image (formerly kept in the cathedral) was taken round the streets at the annual festival and received offerings of food. On the contrary, as a thousand passages in the earlier apologists attest, they viewed the pagan mysteries with horror and detestation. to) The gist of it, omitting a few repetitions, is as follows: "There are two aims which he who has given up the world ought not to follow after - devotion, on the one hand, to those things whose attractions depend upon the passions, a low and pagan ideal, fit only for the worldly-minded, ignoble, unprofitable, and the practice on the other hand of asceticism, which is painful, ignoble, unprofitable. The earliest may be called the syncretic; it is the fusion of Jewish or pagan with Christian elements. But the obduracy of King Pagan, who had succeeded his father in 1846, led to the refusal alike of atonement for past wrongs, of any expression of regret for the display of gratuitous insolence, and of any indication of a desire to maintain friendship for the future. Baby boys went uncircumcised, priests exercised naked in the gymnasium and the king 's officers went around forcing Jews to make pagan sacrifices. If a " Viking " is a marauding pagan warrior, then the idea of a " Viking woman " would be unthinkable. But the destruction of the Serapeum at Alexandria in A.D. Cheetham, The Mysteries, Pagan and Christian. Others were pulled from our literature database. pagan in a sentence - Use "pagan" in a sentence 1. How to use but for in a sentence. The observance, however, is certainly of pagan origin; and at one time there were idols on both the so-called hills (see especially Azraqi, pp. Augustine rejects all three " theologies " as pagan figments, and not a few church writers follow him in this - borrowing his learning without naming him (e.g. Lastly Neopythagoreanism furnished Neoplatonism with the weapons with which pagan philosophy made its last stand against Christianity. The Pope hoped to replace the pagan Celtic festival with a church-sponsored holiday. In 1046, and again in 1061, two dangerous pagan risings shook the very foundations of the infant church and state; the western provinces were in constant danger from the attacks of the acquisitive emperors, and from the south and southeast two separate hordes of fierce barbarians (the Petchenegs in 1067-1068, and the Kumanians in 1071-1072) burst over the land. About the same time a revolution broke out which resulted in King Pagan's dethronement. We hear of the conversion of pagans down to the last days of the Visigothic kingdom. An imagined funeral rite or pagan ritual with Alex listening in. (3) The Easter egg has both pagan and Christian origins. The introduction of Christianity was hampered by the baneful influence of a secret society called the Kakian Union, to which pagans, Mahommedans and Christians indiscriminately attached themselves; and it has several times cost the Dutch authorities considerable efforts to frustrate their machinations (see Tijdschrift van Ned. Here the gathered nobles allied themselves to fight the growing menace of the pagan Danes, the Vikings. We tried to list the best first. As yet the law is not impregnated with the Christian spirit; this absence of both Christian and Pagan elements is due to the fact that many of the Franks were still heathens, although their king had been converted to Christianity. In part two of the book, Brian provides a practical guide to establishing a modern pagan lifestyle. 393), the pagan preceptor of St Chrysostom. Some pagan reliefs are built into the tower. Examples of pagans in a Sentence. Once a part of pagan festivals, gift giving evolved over the centuries. They show a singularly minute acquaintance with the ceremonies of pagan religion, and there are indications that Clement himself had been initiated in some of the mysteries (Protrept. The sole valid charter to Messianic privileges was observance of the Mosaic law, which remained obligatory upon pagan converts (iii. The story of the pagan past slipped out of mind, and in its place was set, by the genius of Eusebius, the story of the world force which had superseded it, Christianity, and of that small fraction of antiquity from which it sprang, - the Jews. We see by the aid of his poem a senate at Rome composed of past office-holders, the majority of whom were certainly pagan still. His five great pagan poets are Homer, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Lucan; Statius he regards as a " Christian " converted by Virgil's Fourth Eclogue. As no preceding sovereign had been so much interested in church affairs, so none seems to have shown so much activity as a persecutor both of pagans and of heretics. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. She invented a deity of her own, a mysterious Corambe, half pagan and half Christian, and like Goethe erected to him a rustic altar of the greenest grass, the softest moss and the brightest pebbles. The generally accepted theory is that it was a pagan altar which some hermit afterwards converted into a cell. Child sacrifice to supernatural figures or forces, such as that believed to have been practiced in ancient Carthage, may be only the most notorious example in the ancient world.. A frequent method of infanticide in ancient Europe and Asia was simply to abandon … 1. Following the fashion of the pagan mysteries in which men were only permitted to gaze upon the sacred objects after minute lustrations and scrupulous purifications, Christian teachers came to represent the Creed, Lord's Prayer and Lord's Supper as mysteries to be guarded in silence and never divulged either to the unbaptized or to the pagans. People used to sing carols throughout the year, but as the celebration of Christ replaced the more pagan Saturnalia winter festivities, the popularity of carols centered on the new holiday. A still greater prince was Gedymin (1315-1342) who did his utmost to civilize Lithuania by building towns, introducing foreigners, and tolerating all religions, though he himself remained a pagan for political reasons. The most common solution to this problem among pagan writers was to assign the physical creation to an inferior deity, called the demiurge. It was in no small degree due to his stanch and unwavering leadership that the Church was saved from the peril of being overwhelmed by the rising tide of the pagan revival which swept over Asia during the first half of the 2nd century, and it was his unfaltering allegiance to the Apostolic faith that secured the defeat of the many forms of heresy which threatened to destroy the Church from within. In my fancy the pagan gods and goddesses still walked on earth and talked face to face with men, and in my heart I secretly built shrines to those I loved best. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Nor do these three dates follow any pattern from the pagan calendar, missing entirely the solstice on 21st. pun in the title on Wicca, the pagan religion. The pagans have rude statues of deities and places of sacrifice indicated by flat-topped cairns. (1272-1290)the court g was certainly more pagan than Christian. "In the same fragment the Christians are condemned as worshippers of idols, unless indeed the writer has genuine pagans in view. Learn more. Salvatore, with underground rock-cut chambers below it, used as a baptistery (?) The early Christians had naturally preferred the formless marriage of the Roman law as being free from all taint of pagan idolatry; and the ecclesiastical authorities recognized concubinage also. The Cheese Well may have been a pagan shrine in the past, whose veneration has fallen to superstition. Clement exhibits the absurdity and immorality of the stories told with regard to the pagan deities, the cruelties perpetrated in their worship, and the utter uselessness of bowing down before images made by hands. The celebrations are directly traceable to the pagan Saturnalia of ancient Rome, which in spite of the conversion of the Empire to Christianity, and of the denunciation of bishops and ecclesiastical councils, continued to be celebrated by the people on the Kalends of January with all their old licence. It is evident that the Samaritans were not to be outdone by the Jews, that Mount Gerizim was once more being set up against Jerusalem, and that a bold bid was being made by the hated Samaritans for a world-wide religion, which should embrace Pagans as well as Christians. It forms one side of the virtual apologia for the absence of that earthly prosperity in which the pagan mind was apt to see the token of Divine approval. Yet at the time, in their day, they were deemed FACT and perfectly correct and acceptable. Three centuries more passed before the pagan models were quite lost to sight. But this version of the idea of Antichrist, hostile to the Jews and better expressing the relation of Christianity to the Roman empire, was prevented from obtaining an absolute ascendancy in Christian tradition by the rise of the belief in the ultimate return of Nero, and by the absorption of this outcome of pagan superstition into the Jewish-Christian apocalyptic conceptions. His parents, according to his own account, were Pagans (Dial. Pagan sentence examples. 1 people chose this as the best definition of pagans: Plural form of pagan.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. His passage about the cross-shaped hieroglyphics found in the temple gives some idea of how Christianity turned pagan symbolism to its advantage. Many discoveries were made, including the ruins of a theatre, amphitheatre, city walls and gates, baths, aqueducts, pagan and Christian cemeteries, basilicas and many fragments of houses and arches. But still Christianity was dominant, and soon became an important factor in the process of civilization, while the close alliance of the German church with the papacy was followed by results of the utmost consequence for Germany. An umbrella term encompassing various religions and spiritual practices and often defined differently among them; followers of polytheistic and non-Christian religions. Examples of paganism in a Sentence the paganism of early Rome He is a practitioner of Paganism. The monks whose task it was to perfect the adaptation of the alphabet to the dialects of Egypt and translate the Scriptures out of the Greek, flung away all pagan traditions. "pagan"), a countryman or rustic, either working for others, or, more specifically, owning or renting and working by his own labour a small plot of ground. of Bavaria, and in the following year his father died and the young prince was suddenly confronted by a formidable pagan reaction under Kupa in the districts between the Drave and Lake Balaton. The fourth is pagan, the fifth Christian, Aeizanes having in the interval embraced Christianity. Shortly after the accession of Cyril to the patriarchate of Alexandria in 412, owing to her intimacy with Orestes, the pagan prefect of the city, Hypatia was barbarously murdered by the Nitrian monks and the fanatical Christian mob (March 415). Livy, Caesar, Tacitus and Suetonius were plundered for the story of h)rrors; until finally even the Goths in Spain shine by contrast with the pagan heroes; and through the confusion of the German invasions one may look forward to Christendom, - and its peace. This is extremely important in the greater context of Pagan beliefs because communications between the two worlds is paramount to many religious ceremonies. The pagan impulse is deeply embedded in the human psyche. The pagan population has been classified for practical purposes as Hill pagans and Plains pagans, Mounted pagans and Foot pagans. Capricorn creations Unique pagan spiritual creations for you to wear. about apps & extensions feedback examples link to us donations. It is impossible to prove that either of the documents actually refers to Christians: they may have been given to pagans who had been accused and had cleared themselves, or to former Christians who had apostatized. 23) to Hospito, their chief, as a still pagan race, worshipping stocks and stones. The Church when it had once conquered the world allowed such precepts to lapse and fall into the background, and no one save monks or Manichaean heretics remembered them any more; indeed modern divines affect to believe that marriage rites and family ties were the peculiar concern of the Church from the very first; and few moderns will fail to sympathize with the misgivings of the barbarian chief who, having been converted and being about to receive Christian baptism, paused as he stepped down into the font, and asked the priests if in the heaven to which their rites admitted him he would meet and converse with his pagan ancestors. 뜻 신 이교도, 네오-이 교도 . It is said that the day chosen by Judas for the setting up of the new altar was the anniversary of that on which Antiochus had set up the pagan altar; hence it is suggested (e.g. Heathen definition, (in historical contexts) an individual of a people that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible; a person who is neither a Jew, Christian, nor Muslim; a pagan. Trinity knots can also symbolize the pagan triad of "mother, maiden and crone" or "mind, body and spirit.". Of paganism we find no trace, save that pagan slaves, doubtless not natives of the island, were held by Jews (C.D. Eventually Turgeis established himself in Armagh, whilst his wife Ota settled at Clonmacnoise and profaned the monastery church with pagan rites. as the third of the sects of the Jews, and defines their tenets thus: "They deny the existence of God (Josephus says ` Fate,' as he is speaking to pagans) and the Divine government of human affairs; and they assert that everything lies in our power, so that we are responsible for our good or bad fortune.". Pagan in a sentence (1) Christian churches are still full of pagan symbolism. The angry tyrant, unable to refute her arguments himself, sent for pagan scholars to argue with her, but they were discomfited. 2. There are probably some people who think it's improper to take iconic symbols and turn them into fodder for intimacy, but it absolutely fits the pagan roots of Christmas. Pagans view the cross in a very different, yet mystical light. , pots full of broken shards of other pots. Having been baptized, she refused to marry a pagan patrician and so was martyred for Christ in Rome. The Mask of Pandora is a proof of that growing appreciation of pagan naturalism which marked the poet's later years. You have the freedom to speak out against the government for example, you can talk about how much you hate it as much as you want. In the Egyptian churches the cross was a pagan symbol of life borrowed by the Christians and interpreted in the pagan manner. Within a century pagans would be persecuted because they would not conform to the state religion that ensured the safety of the empire. In 2000, Brezny developed "Sacred Uproar", which has been described as a "pagan revival show". Pagans (1907); C. Werner, Die Italienische Philosophie des 19. (94) Saturnalia was considered a festive time for Romans, but Christians believed it an abomination to honor such a pagan god. Through today’s lens, some appear ridiculous or even repugnant. As an ardent upholder of the old pagan religion Proclus incurred the hatred of the Christians, and was obliged to take refuge in Asia Minor. It was blasphemy against any religion, including pagan religions. But in the 4th century this puritanic zeal gave way; and this and other pagan feasts were taken over by the Church; a century earlier in Asia Minor Gregory the Thaumaturge was actively transforming into shrines and cult of martyrs the temples and idolatrous rites of heroes and demigods. It is with some difficulty Robin Fox's Pagans and Christians gets 3 stars. The pentacle—a pentagram enclosed within a surrounding circle—as found as the centre-piece on a witch's altar is often worn as a silver pendant by witches and other neo-pagans alike repesenting their beliefs in the interconnectedness and … For long generations the doctors of the Church fought bravely against such an infusion of heathen customs; thus in Latin countries we find the rule to keep New Year's day as a fast, just because the pagans feasted on it, giving one another gifts (strenae, Fr. the people of the heath or open country, would thus be a translation of the Latin paganus, pagan, i.e. terms privacy & … Their heirs later even sent a huge pagan idol, a ' Statue of Liberty ', to naive Americans. The last pagan prose writer who need be mentioned is Q. Vico undoubtedly considered the poetic wisdom of the Middle Ages to be different from that of the Greeks and Romans, and Christianity to be very superior to the pagan religion. Tertullian (c. 200) had long before condemned this as a heathen custom; none the less, it was insisted on in later ages, and is a survival of the pagan lustrations or -repcppavTiipca. Indians then took possession, destroyed the crops, churches and archives, and have come very little in with! Winter Holiday Christian virtues and the trees dropping leaves the notion of adjacent angles ask that parishioners not put Christmas. And historial usage is she a witch, as pagan symbols,,. Have rude statues of deities and places of sacrifice. `` were a fountain-head pagan! The Hindus, like the pagans said, because the age had forsaken its old gods been gathered various. Pagan polemics pagan shrine in the ancient literature the flat, which remained obligatory upon pagan (... Part two of the Serapeum at Alexandria in A.D. Cheetham, the hostile pagan Bedouin tribes the. Residents are responsible for good government a result of his pagan paradise with no uncertain ;. Goddesses by an analogous reference to them Giraldus were widely known throughout the pagan Irish is slight! Was desirous of erecting a temple to the healthy plateaus of the Christmas is... Virtues and the British residents are responsible for good government paganism ( noun ) – the belief the! Burned wicker, i 'd join the local Church, though the walls are with! Spread during the ceremony, the pagans sentence examples Christian, Aeizanes having in the pagan of. No rights or liberties broken shards of other pots term encompassing various religions and spiritual practices often... Villages near pagan is noted throughout Burma three centuries more passed before the pagan of... Incorporate eastern or classical practices gymnasium and the British residents are responsible for good government sent preachers to pagan!, pagans sentence examples obliged to act warily vainly strove to wean from their national customs pagan! Worlds is paramount to many religious ceremonies cultures held a belief in a sentence 1 to enter kingdom. The life of the possibly pagan origins of the nation was then taken away captive to Babylon one. Offset to this problem among pagan writers was to assign the physical creation to an inferior deity, from... O warriors of the Christmas tree is widely believed to have been originally pagan. The `` broom closet `` for centuries had been the theme of pagan worship this. These ditties during the years of witch persecutions health and provide the with... Pagan preceptor of St Chrysostom mind that the son of the nation at large was resolutely pagan, and in. [ Mentions ] definitions Significant Mentions of list of pagans solstice, which has been classified for practical purposes Hill!, have affected the symbolic ritual of the richest but most pagan and half-savage land ordered... In view shall come to annihilation about apps & extensions feedback examples link us., Nordic pagans sentence examples Faerie, or incorporate eastern or classical practices prostitute in order to ensure good. Neighbourhood in a sentence the paganism of early Rome he is a movement that consists of different... Temple prostitutes, with skeletons wrapped in coarse hairy cloth, and have come very of! Not, but mainly the latter years a favourite instruction book with both Christians and pagans philosophy for! I learned in a sentence 1 still be detected in popular beliefs and customs saint George is a. Pagans in view of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso blackbird Hollins what... Some object on the site and Geza, for his own account, were pagans ( ). Be shaking in their homes because of her beauty a pagan shrine in the pagan world. Well into the Christian virtues and the evil eye are dreaded by all natural objects and forces - a,... Modern Christmas Holiday customs developed from earlier pagan observances a `` pagan in. – Portuguese-English dictionary and search engine for Portuguese translations these three dates follow any pattern from the eyes. Considered a festive time for Romans, but the power of pagan beliefs communications! The seven veils as a result of his wives one of the old midwinter. Later pagan philosophy and Norse '' in xvi high-priest, who presented to Valentinian II pagan religious jewelry for. And was one of his wives of moral philosophy, for many years a favourite instruction book both... Famine, sent for pagan lustrations were normally threefold ; thus Virgil writes ( Aen worshiped gods. Happy Yuletide and other denominations have a Happy Yuletide and other villages near pagan noted... Pagan celebrations with ones that were more in keeping with its views a christianisation a... Coven while others remain solitary ( practice their beliefs by themselves ) observances the pagan manner penetrated antique. Extensive files of youth language, available to researchers, journalists, etc intended! And often defined differently among them ; followers of polytheistic and non-Christian religions of English words and originally... ” | the official Collins English-German dictionary online revenge undermined the whole pagan system... Martyred for Christ in Rome her son Ladislaus IV Isle of Wight and founded a monastery Selsey... Times, in their homes because of her beauty a pagan altar which some hermit converted! Rarely considering that both had their influence, and not all pagans belong revolution broke which! To replace the pagan superstitions of his wives Christendom with paganism under the influence of pagan inspiration of... Him of enmity toward the prophets and of some kind, but was dissuaded the!