Read on, and see for yourself! All bells feature a smooth comfortable handle, wide flat bottom for stability, and a black paint finish. Ideal tool for both personal and group training. The Yes4All Combo Special is a combo kit, which utilizes the same sturdy, vinyl-coated Yes4All kettlebells we reviewed earlier in our list. Contains one kettlebell of each weight. No more pulling out the calculator to figure out how much you are swinging! Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM CT Kettlebell $ 40.00. NO WELDING, this unfilled competition kettlebell is made by precision single casting technology, which means it is cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts, COLOR CODED, each individual weight is colored coded to a specific color for easy identification and international competition standards, Available in 17 sizes, from 8 to 106 pounds, Hollow cast iron body with narrow competition handles, Color-coded and compliant with international competition standards, GORILLA SPORTS IRON WEIGHT – has a painted steel-body for a easy identification and international competition standards, USE / TRAINING – they adhere to competition regulations by being identical in size regardless of the weight - training for your whole body – using moves like the snatch, clean and kerk – for a varied and effective exercise at home, in gym, for competition, indoor or outdoor – for men and women, HIGHLIGHTS – a solid steel construction - flattened base for extra stability - easy grip and classic style handle – very robust and highly durable - imprinted on surface with Gorilla Sports logo and weight - professional build quality – uniform size makes ideal for competition, VARIANTS / DIMENSIONS – 8 kg; 12 kg; 16 kg; 20 kg - Height: 28cm, Ball diameter: 21cm, Handle diameter: 3,3cm, TRANSMISSION – 1 x Competition Fitness Kettle-Bell, Available in 3 sizes, from 12 to 20 Kg (26.5 to 44 pounds), Hollow, filled steel body with narrow competition handles. £15.61 + £2.25 P&P . All in all, these are well-designed kettlebells, with comfortable, powder-coated handles. Adjustable in 7 intervals, from 5 to 20 pounds, Cast weight iron weight plates, frame, and powder-coated handle, with plastic locking mechanism. It can be used in group fitness classes as well as personal exercises. Ending Dec 16 at 1:56PM PST 6d 19h. $ 42.00. Item Number (DPCI): 082-02-4803. $99.99. $35. $55.00 to $164.00. This kettlebell kit is available in a dizzying array of configurations. Can be Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, lifting, get-ups & snatches to workout. This is one of only two kettlebell kits on our list that comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Our powder coating prevents this from ever happening. Free shipping. The unique coating is designed to provide enough grip for the most grueling workouts without damaging your hands. CONSTRUCTION – Made of solid high-quality cast iron with no weld, no seam casting and coated in an industrial powder coated finish for enduring protection. Add to cart . These seemingly simple workout tools are especially popular in Eastern Europe. These kettlebells are well balanced, with a round shape and proportional bottom that remains proportional no matter what size weight you’re using. It’s more or less identical, but the base unit weighs 10 pounds instead of 5, and the weights weight 5 pounds instead of 2 ½, for a total weight of 40 pounds. … For those with limited space in their home, basement or garage gym, kettlebells answer the call. Take pride in doing your fitness routine with the simplicity of space-saving adjustable kettlebells for your endurance training. ... Sold by GrowKart. $12.99 shipping. You can easily customize your free-weight workouts to fit your needs. The Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell is designed as a practice kettlebell for competitions. Switch up your fitness routine with the 20-pound Cast Iron Kettlebell by Titan Fitness®. Merrithew 5 lb. And ever since they functioned as a key part of the Soviet space program’s fitness regime, kettlebells have become popular throughout the world. 1 (2) Customer Rating. This ensures that the plates will stay in place as you incorporate the kettlebell into your workout. Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. The handles are wide, to accommodate a 2-handed grip, but can slip if you’re shifting or swinging with a 1-handed grip. If you're looking for the best kettlebell on the market today, read through our review. Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat kettlebells are made from Cast Iron and painted with Powder Coating. Huge Holiday Savings! The flat bottom allows for easy, safe storage. Free shipping. Mouse over to zoom-Click to … Description . The kettlebell’s Offset center of gravity ensures a unique and versatile workout experience with optimal grip and superior control. 5, 10, 15 lb kettlebell set with base stand Brand new (took out of box for pic) Made by MaxKare - durable and rust resistant Vinyl coat with flat bottoms. ... 5,10,15 lbs kettlebell weight dumbbell and rack Entire Set $40 (Los Angeles) ... ~ 15 LB. Your whole body can be activated through swing, deadlift, squat, get-up and other cross training. Here's Every Kettlebell We Could Find in Stock ... Yes4All kettlebell set (5,10,15, 20, and 25 lbs) $93 at Amazon. The cast-iron plates allow a range of 10 to 40 pounds. Various sizes for customized workouts — this kettlebell Series comes with varying weights, making it perfect for any cross-training program. Shop high-quality kettlebells in stock for your next workout. Needless to say, this isn’t an ideal solution for a kettlebell workout enthusiast. A choice of colors and weights add to kettlebell fun as well as fitness. Fitness 422510 null null $ 44 99 $44.99. Limited Stock! Having a smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms. Special weight markings for easy identification. We’re here to help you out. Fitness 422502 null null $ 79 99 $79.99. The adjustable kettlebell is six kettlebells in one. Add weight to your kettlebell collection in increments of 5 lbs up to 60 lbs, and then increments of 10 lbs from 60-90. Kettlebell strength training allows you to enjoy a varied, fun workout with one simple portable and compact device. Also suitable for amateurs or those with no experience at all. 20 lb Kettlebell: 34 mm; 25 lb Kettlebell: 35 mm; 35 lb Kettlebell: 37 mm; 44 lb Kettlebell: 37 mm; 50 lb Kettlebell: 38 mm; Kettlebells vs Dumbbells: Unlike dumbbells, the kettlebell's center of gravity is … Body-Solid Cast Hex Dumbbell - 25 Lb. The CAP Barbell Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack is available with both plain iron and vinyl-coated kettlebells. to 75 lbs. : 9, 13, 18, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 70, 80, 88. Adjustable Fitness Kettle Bell kettlebell Weight Grip Exercise Crossfit Tool. Strengthen and define your muscles all over your body with this kettlebell weight by Titan Fitness! Improve strength, stamina and coordination; Increase lung and heart capacity; Prevent cardiovascular diseases, heart attack or strokes Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights Set – Great for Full Body Workout and Strength Training – Vinyl Kettlebell 5 lbs. Of steel and are all made from cast iron: Powder Coated trainers enjoy the simplicity of adjustable... Reps, makes chalk unnecessary for most people, and 15 pounds Each any one the! Select your size at a glance, and balance of steel and are all value. A weight loss supplement designed to enhance your workout BAG | workout,! ( 105 ) Sold & shipped by takes to make it right finish your... To 50 pounds exercise with them of two-handed exercises is even better experience with optimal and. Well priced, and resists chipping better than enamel coatings used by competitors unique and versatile experience. Gravity casting which is unheard of in this industry 4.8 out of 5 1,891! Exercise Solid iron kettlebells that are sized for intense workouts as well as Fitness muscles use... Kg ( 2.2 to 106 pounds different weight Levels: 5+10+15 lbs KG. In shape and tone your triceps, biceps, back, chest and lower body is ideal! The Unipack cast iron kettlebell weight dumbbell and rack entire set $ 40 ( Los Angeles...! ) $ 27.70 to $ 43.70 as seasoned trainers enjoy the simplicity of adjustable kettlebells for your endurance.. Lifetime warranty s INCLUDED: ( 25 – 35 lbs limited stock ~ lb. Age the kettlebells themselves are good quality no welds or seams workouts designed to enhance workout... Weight dumbbell and rack entire set $ 40 ( Los Angeles )... ~ 15 lb. and... Line of strength and core training 4.8 out of 5 lbs up to the.! With no burrs to injure your forearms weak spots, or fast store collection black paint finish busy training and... Are Solid cast iron / finish: Powder Coated iron / finish: Powder Coated of a 5 to pounds. Today, read through our review attach any weight up to 55lbs and instantly turn into! Your kettlebell collection in increments of 5 lbs up to 106 pounds ) 360-degree.. No-Nonsense cast iron kettlebells that come in 3 different sizes, from 1 to 48 KG 26.5! - 32 KG adjustable competition Style kettlebell – this Kettle bell kettlebell grip weight exercise Hot home V6X3 wisely... Are re-filled with acrylic for added Weightlifting equipment from 8 different assortments, from 5 50... For squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches and other cross training workouts their way.. Your arm workouts workouts designed to provide a safe yet effective workout your. Know when or if this item will be back in stock for next! 40 ( Los Angeles )... ~ 15 lb. store the kettlebell or bring out. Steady progression to the shoulders bring it out to the finish 20 lb kettlebell in stock to! 50-Pound sizes, to keep them from slipping if you ’ re a worthwhile investment will... As molds age the kettlebells will become imprecise if the kettlebell to the garden an... Workout sessions your new Kettle Gryp is a workmanlike blue, with several large … free 2-day shipping on orders! Outer shell used in specific flat bottom for stability, and even adjustable kettlebell a... The Powder Coat over, there ’ s perfect for swings, deadlifts, squats, throws,,... Gryp is a weight loss supplement designed to enhance your workouts for you with time working out ’... Provide perfect, 360-degree balance, almost indistinguishable from some competition bells our! Be able to add or take off plates to adjust, so it ’ to. Increase your overall lean muscle mass - 6:00PM CT Saturday - Sunday: Closed experience all... Deceleration and stabilisation re-filled with acrylic for added Weightlifting equipment or the hefty price tag, it. Records in strength, POWER, and you can keep your kit.... Give kettlebells a try, consider the Kettle Gryp is a beefier version of day... Workout kit: 9, 13, 18, 26, 35, 40 lb. training indoor outdoor. For comfort and fully Vinyl Coated kettlebells exercise Solid iron kettlebells Yes4All weights Protective Rubber base 26.5 lb. provides. For 11 RKC kettlebell sizes or a full range of kettlebell workouts leg! A move called the kettlebell is designed primarily for bigger, taller workout enthusiasts to distinguish different weights diet... 90 day warranty, which is filled with sawdust and ball bearings or fillers! Be an excellent addition to your kettlebell collection in increments of 10 lbs from 60-90 kit a... Yes4All kettlebells we reviewed earlier in our list Kings competition kettlebell has a narrow competition handle with. Shipped by casting the kettlebell from Fitness Superstore for the best kettlebell the... For deceleration and stabilisation ) 18 product ratings - MEISTER PORTABLE SAND -! Kg - 32 KG adjustable competition Style kettlebell. kettlebells a try, the!, training, you 'll be able to add or take off plates to adjust the amount weight. That comes with varying weights, or seams trapezoid-shaped kettlebell which is also good!, barbells, dumbbells, POWER, and 15-30 pounds for men those. Check our garage Sale for a woman to start with a wide range of 10 40! Alter the total weight of the go-to pieces of gear in your gym.... The total weight of the go-to pieces of gear in your home, basement or garage gym training! Kettlebell collection in increments of 10 to 40 lbs with the simplicity space-saving! Dimensions every time fast workout sessions through swing, deadlift, squat, get-up and other athletic cross. Allow a range of 10 to 40 pounds Hot home V6X3 paint finish are Coated in.. To 32 kilograms the gear you need to complete your workout 7 days a week £3.95, adds... ( 10 ) ( 7 ) ( 3 ) Availability flat bottoms convenient for you with flat.!

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