• Prizes – The prize money allotted for the winners will range from $1000 to $500, as well as a color catalog. • Entry Fee - $30 • Prize – A full cover spread of 4 pages in the New American Paintings Magazine for the winner. Rules – There are no such rules of this free art competition. Type – All the submissions are required to be made predominantly in acrylic, oil, or tempera on a board or a canvas. Enter an art contest. This competition also has other programs where you can go ahead and have some fun as well, such as the Go Wild for Art Scavenger Hunt, For the Birds, and Wild St. Augustine: Musings on Art. Any kind of technique can be used to create the illustrations, and it has to be submitted online to concurso@tragaluzeditores.com only. There is one sure sign that Christmas is around at The Catholic Register — the sudden surge of mail into the office on deadline day for the our annual children’s Christmas drawing contest. Note – Any kind of prints, paintings or drawings are not considered for participation unless the paper consists of unique handmade component(s). For such people, a painting competition is the best way to not only gain exposure and publicity but also to attain financial stability by winning prize money. Each category will have a winner as chosen by the organizers and all the winners will have the wonderful opportunity to exhibit their works at the Unarthodox Gallery in New York for a week-long exhibition. As the name suggests, this competition deals mainly with pastel works and is one of the very few art competitions to do so. About the Contest The National Park Service and National Fossil Day partners are sponsoring an art contest to celebrate the 11th annual National Fossil Day. The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art organizes this annual juried digital art competition where thousands of applicants take part, out of which, 40 artists are selected by the jury. Supported by the Luma Foundation, the Frieze Artist Award is held in New York, predominantly as an art fair, where thousands of budding artists are called upon from various parts of the world to showcase their skills and try to win the Frieze Artist Award. Grey Cube Gallery proudly presents the first Modern Art online art contest for the month of December 2020. Winners of Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice awards will be announced in the Christmas Eve edition of The Patriot Ledger. A total of $70,000 cash prize is to be distributed amongst the artists who are chosen as the lucky winners by the jury. The BP Portrait Award, sponsored by BP, is deemed as the most prestigious competition in the genre of portrait painting. • Eligibility – Only open to artists in North America for ages 18 years and above. • Prize - £35,000 for the first prize, and £74,000 for the total prize fund. As well as generous cash priz… • Deadline for 2019 – 11 December. For impression artists, the annual National Juried Exhibition, held at the Electric Theater, 68 E. Tabernacle St, St George UT, is the perfect platform to display their masterpieces and gain quite the popularity. • Prize – A total cash fund of more than $70,000 is allotted for this competition. Rules – NAWA’s Small Works Summer program covers a wide spectrum of mediums and styles, and there are usually the following categories of artworks: sculpture, oil and acrylic paintings, photography, original prints (intaglio), watercolors, mixed media, and soft pastels. • Prizes – A cash prize of $25,000 for the first place winner, $15,000 for Honorable Mention winners, and 12 finalist prizes of $2,500 each. • Entry Fee - $30 for a single artwork, $60 for four artworks. The MANGA submitted by participants has to be in printed form and each participant can submit only one MANGA which can be of 16 pages or more. Rules– Participants can send as many entries as they want in one of the following categories: Still Life or Interior, Figure or Portrait, Landscape, Animal or Wildlife, and Abstract or Experimental. Winners will also be displayed on the website and the participants’ artworks will also be displayed in the opening ceremony as well. The theme for this year’s Splash 22 is “Mood”, and the organizers will observe which of the artists can capture the mood and portray excellence in the best way. These artists will get the opportunity to showcase themselves and their artworks in an international group exhibition in the LACDA gallery, which is almost a month long! • Prizes – More than $10,000 total cash prize for all the winners, all the place winners and top prize winners will be featured in the 2021 issue of the Pastel Journal. The Shanker Art Foundation and ARTinfoINDIA.COM have since 2012 successfully organised eight annual editions of Children Art Contest and Exhibition. As you can see, the Arte Laguna is open to almost all artists in the world, thanks to its wide array of available categories. Overview. • Deadline – February 28, 2020. Join hundreds of thousands of artists, photographers, and graphic designers from all over the world who participate in our daily online art contests. • Prize – All the winners of this competition will get the opportunity to appear in AcrylicWorks’ 8th Edition. All you animal lovers out there, if you happen to be artists, this one is definitely for you! Along with these, they collectively arrange various art contests to provide a platform for international artists to gain exposure and showcase their works. Organized and initiated since 2009 by the renowned London gallerist, Cynthia Corbett, the Young Masters Art Prize is one of the most prestigious art contests of the UK that is held in London, arranged by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery. This is perfect for artists who are struggling to receive exposure and publicity, even though their artworks are magnificent. • Prizes – A total of $24,000 in prize money as well as publications of the winner’s artworks in the Artists Magazine. • Prize - £35,000 for the first prize, and £74,000 for the total prize fund. • Prizes – A total cash prize of $5,000 is allotted for the winners, along with $2,000 for the Best in Show Award. are eligible for this competition, only when digital processes of some kind were integral in creating the images. – Image only (No Text) – Fan Art preferred themed toward the current show guests or our mascot. This is possible through the enormous cash prize of $60,000 as well as an investment fund of $40,000 for the lucky winner. The competition encourages artists to send as many entries as possible. have their own awards. Rules – The participants must submit their work in mediums such as installations, paintings or sculptures. ($60) and must also be a legal resident of the United States. • Eligibility – No requirements, this competition is available for artists all over the world in any stage of their careers. • Entry Fee - $35 for 3 submitted photographs. • Prizes – A total of $15,000 cash prize is allotted for awards. The jurying process is a blind one, where the jurors choose the artworks based on merit and concept and agree that the artists demonstrate significant skill in their artworks. • Entry Fee - $48 for 2 entries, $24 for every additional entry of work. Prizes: - Jerry's Artarama is proud to present an exciting series of FREE to enter art contests for the fine artist. The chic atmosphere and the prestigious platform of this competition allows artists to gather a lot of knowledge about contemporary art and to also create their own identity amongst the community. This year’s contest is asking students to reflect on challenges they faced in 2020 and bring hope using a word with the prefix “re” like, reimagine, restart, rebuild, recover, rebirth, reorganize, reconnect and … In addition to this, they’ll also receive 100% of the entire sale price when any of their artworks are sold! Rules – The following categories are allotted for the Moho Art Prize 2020 competition: photography, painting, sculpture and installation, and new media (digital, performance, video, and others). Each participant is allowed to submit a total of 6 entries maximum. This year, they are organizing the 33rd Tallahassee International, where artists working in any medium are invited to this event that covers a plethora of styles, approaches, and media, dealing with a wide range of contemporary issues that are relevant. The SpaceTime Student Competition and Exhibition, organized by the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee is one such brilliant program that gives the students a platform to showcase their art skills and earn a name for themselves. Rules – This competition is spread throughout 8 categories that represent the commissioned work of the illustration industry. Through its contests, HSLDA hopes to offer homeschooled students the opportunity to hone their skills in a fun and creative setting that invites them to think outside the box and be rewarded for excellence. • Prizes – A total of $15,000 cash prize is allotted for awards. One lucky winner will also get the chance to get their artwork featured on Southwest Art’s cover. • Prizes - $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, and $150 for 3rd. • Venue – Munich, Germany. • Entry Fee - $45 for a maximum of 3 artworks. CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Engage Art Contest announces its winning artists for their 2019-2020 contest. Basically, a cute, short and small version of Sunny. • Prizes – A total of $60,00 worth of various prizes available for the winners of the competition. Rules - Since this is a very formal event organized by a prestigious organization, there are several hard and fast rules that all participants must follow. Rules – Since this is a plain air competition, artists must produce all art from life, as opposed to creating art in the studio. Partnering with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, IGPOTY offers multiple themed contests throughout the year. This is quite the prestigious opportunity as 10,000 art collectors read the magazine every month and it also possesses a very loyal reader following. Deadline August 26, complete details: lacda.com/juried/juriedshow.html, • Prize – The winner of each category will get the chance to display their artworks in a week-long exhibition in Chelsea, New York. One such festival are the Bucks County Plein Air Festival, held in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Art Contests with Set Deadlines . • Each applicant is allowed to submit up to 2 artworks made by them. 5 artists will be chosen as winners who will each be provided with a $1,000 grant. • Entry Fee - $50 • Venue – Electric Theater, St. George Utah. A world-renowned digital art contest held in Germany, the animago AWARD has been going strong for the past 21 years with submissions from various parts of the world. With the sponsors, Fix8 System and Dynamic Events, this competition has successfully helped many artists to go further in their careers with ease. Rules– For this competition, all artists can submit their entries in the following mediums: sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, print, and mixed media. Every year, they organize the NordArt Prize where several participants are called upon to show their masterpieces and build a personal network with other artists from different parts of the world. We are now accepting entries for the 2021 contest. • Prizes - $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, and $150 for 3rd. Every year, Moho manages and organizes various exhibitions in various European cities and beyond. AnswerGun offers many and different arts competition for school students in different categories, different topics, and themes. • Eligibility – No such requirements as the competition is open to production companies, studios, as well as artists worldwide. • Deadline for 2019 – October 31 • Eligibility – No requirements, the competition is open to artists globally, but only those working in traditional mediums. • Deadline – March 2, 2020 Winners are officially announced for the Seventh Annual RoofClaim.com Boca Raton Bowl Art Contest. Currently, it is in its 41st year of existence and stands as one of the biggest and most posh avenues for artists to not only gain exposure but to display their hard work and talent on a reputed platform. • Second Prize - $2,500 • Painting Category - €2,500 for the single project winner, €5,000 for the entire production winner. The first prize winner is awarded $1,000 and the second prize winner with $500. • Third Place Winner - $500 cash prize, artwork to be published in Southwest Art’s December/January issue. • Entry Fee – Starts from €75 No works on paper, watercolors, or pastels will be considered as a participation in this award. • Eligibility – The competition is only available for high school as well as college students all over the world. The BP Portrait Award. The 2020 National Fossil Day celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14, 2020, during Earth Science Week. Artist Network, through its variety of magazines, successfully organizes a great art contest. This prize has existed since the past 13 years, collecting thousands of applications from artists globally who are selected by an esteemed jury and exhibited all across the world. • Entry fee - $350 for AIS Members, $400 for non-members. The Agora Gallery of Chelsea art district, New York is a world-famous art gallery that showcases artworks of several mediums and styles, in order to build cordial relationships with viewers, collectors, and curators. • Prizes – Gold Award and Solver Award will be given to the winners who will then be invited to attend the Award ceremony held in Japan. The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is one of the most prestigious fine art contest in the world. • Prizes - €7,000 institutional prizes for every category, artist residencies in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Taiwan, and many more. • Deadline – 2nd April, 2020. In the year 2020 during coronavirus pandemic, AnswerGun is organizing an All India Online e-Drawing & Painting Contest 2020 for School students, for encouraging young minds to do something creative and utilize their time. • Prize - € 3,000 for the first prize winner. • Prizes – A total of more than $70,000 in cash as well as merchandise awards for • Eligibility – The competition is open to artists all over the world for ages 18 and above. Prize Range – The extensive prize range arranged by the Moho Organization for this competition is quite impressive. • Entry Fee - $35 publication fee for non-members and $20 for existing members. Art for Animals 2020, organized by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is one of the very few art competitions out there that is for a strong cause regarding the issue of animal cruelty, an issue that is on a continuous rise today. AcrylicWorks is in its 8th edition this year where the organizers of the platform seek the best acrylic painters of various subjects and styles. Digital artists worldwide are often familiar with the Lumen Prize, which is a one of a kind digital art competition that mainly deals with any kind of art that is created with the help of technology. All styles of photography, artwork, theme, etc. Each artist has to be 18 years or above in age and will be granted a single entry for their artwork. • Venue – Norfolk, Virginia. Organized by the St. Augustine Art Association, a non-profit art organization located in St, Augustine, Florida, USA, this competition mainly focuses on art that revolves around wildlife, nature, and beauty. • Entry – £40. • Eligibility – Open to only CG artists globally. The medium in which entries will be selected is any kind of media and ceramics category. Every year, this competition showcases over 400 art pieces of the most brilliant works created every single year. MANGA is one of the most integral and popular forms of Japanese art which in layman’s terms, is basically comic books and graphic novels. • Emerging Woman Artist Prize - £1,000 • Prizes –A total cash prize of €30,000 is allotted for the winners of the competition. This year was no exception — the sampling of the entries on these pages show the talent that is in our schools. Entry Fee: Free. Thus, for all these reasons, Agora Gallery and its international competition is the perfect venue for artists who are looking to establish their identities. Supported […] As so much goes on in this particular competition, it poses as the perfect avenue for digital artists to explore more about their genre of work as well as showcase their own works to gain exposure and publicity. other than the cash prizes, the exhibition chooses 2 Honorable mentions as well. Artists from around the world are welcome to submit. Rules and more – The sole rule of this competition is that any kind of work to be considered as an entry has to engage with technology in some way or the other. Within each of the three grade categories, the task of narrowing down the field of candidates grows tougher each year as the students bring their own perspective to the birth of Jesus. • Entry Fee - $45 Careerfiesta Drawing Competition 2020 Win up to 50000 cash prizes.This contest includes kids Drawing Competition , kids drawing competition, kids painting competition, children’s art contest, children’s painting contest, This contest is for kids, children, college students and young adults. Let’s go through the extensive range of competitions you can enter in 2020 with the list below. The jury also consists of esteemed faculty from the College of Fine Arts. Competitions are a part of life and as we all know, life in itself is a competition that tests our abilities and skills on a daily basis. If you’re a high school or a college student and you are struggling to find the right avenue to showcase your artistic skills, fret no more. • Entry Fee - $35 per image for the Regular Division, $15 for the Beginner or Student Division. With the opportunity to be published in the famous Artists Magazine, budding artists who are eager to gain recognition and publicity are often encouraged to try and win the competition, in order to get the full spread to publish their artworks in the magazine. Put your artistic skills to the test and enter one or all of these artist competitions online to compete for great prizes like Jerry's eGift Cards! We all know that Japan is a place filled with culture and heritage, and it is the same when it comes to the various forms of Japanese art. • Prizes - $3,000 cash prize for first place winner, $1,500 voucher from Fix8 Systems, a 500-word review of the artist’s practice or work, and a 6-month mentoring program as well. ArtPrize 2020 has been announced to be a biennial competition, consisting of a “Project” series that will include city-wide art commissions. • Deadline for 2019 – May 31 Juried art competitions can also be a great way for you to earn money through the allotted prize amounts, so start displaying your art at competitions this year 2020! Every year, they host the artist grants awards, an online art program where 30 artists are shortlisted, whose artworks are archived on the website. These award winners will have the opportunity to not only attend the Japan Foundation Award Ceremony in Japan but to also visit publishing companies, excursions to local places, and meet various Japanese MANGA creators during their stay. Rules – Once all the entries are submitted by the artists, the 3 regional juries consisting of curators, gallery directors, artists, and industry leaders, will be choosing five paintings from their respective regions to bring up the 15 finalists. – Email entries to: sacanime@gmail.com and cc sacanimeartists@… The Art Contest submission period begins Dec. 1, 2020 and concludes on Dec. 31, 2020 at midnight EST. F the Art World is an international art competition organized by www.ftheartworld.com which is quite unique, compared to other competitions. The maximum allotted size for all 2D wall works including their frames is 15”x15”x5”. • Deadline – 30th September, 2020. Though this competition is deemed as magnificent, some critics also state that it is disappointing in terms of producing good art and works. Aviva, 11, is a Grade 6 student at St. Patrick Catholic School in Ajax. • Date – October 1st to 6th, 2019 The month-long stay is organized by the Sunny Art Centre in collaboration with famous Chinese institutions that provide the winners to get the opportunity of experiencing the rich culture and heritage of China. Now, Takayama City wants to extend its heritage by promoting this woodblock printing culture on a global scale and to do so, they’re organizing a prestigious art competition in 2020. International, as well as domestic artists, are cordially invited by the Hida Takayama International Contemporary Woodblock Prints Triennial to exhibit their skills, talents, and beautiful artworks. Entrants submit three JPEG files of original work. • No copyrighted imagery will be allowed for any posters. • Prize – Selected 40 artists from the competition will have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in an international group exhibition in the LACDA Gallery. Why SOI’s Annual Competition? Participants applying for a single project must submit a minimum of 3 works, where all the artworks belong to a single series. • Eligibility – This art competition is worldwide to all artists age 18 and older working in any media.. • Prize – The winner of each category will get the chance to display their artworks in a week-long exhibition in Chelsea, New York. • Deadline – 26th July, 2020. • Deadline – 23rd May, 2020. • Eligibility – All entries must be a current paid member of the American Impressionist Society or a new member Box. The jurors for this year are Valerie Craig and Joe Gyurcsak. Ages: Grades K-6 • Entry Fee - $40 $2,100) will be awarded to a single winner to create illustrations for a book that will be published by Tragaluz. • Eligibility – This competition is available for high school and college students globally only. • First Place Winner - $2,000 cash prize, artwork to be published in Southwest Art’s December/January issue. • Prizes – A total cash fund of $500,000 is allotted for the winners along with $200,000 for 2 grand prize winners. Students or beginners must be 16 years or above in age. Yes, there were mail-in entries, but the vast majority of the well over 200 entries arrived as digital files via e-mail. • Eligibility – The competition is available for artists all over the world of 18 years and above. • Eligibility – This competition is only available to visual artists all over the world at any career stage they’re in. • Entry Fee – No entry fee required. The Takayama City of Japan is not a quintessential city, even though it is highly modernized and advanced in its nature. • Eligibility – No restrictions, this competition is available for artists worldwide. Rules – Participants must send all entries to the Japanese diplomatic missions or the 13th Japan International MANGA Award’s P.O. Google will also give a $50,000 tech package to the winner's school. Pastel 100 is yet another prestigious art competition arranged by Artists Network. • Prizes – A total of $60,00 worth of various prizes available for the winners of the competition The beauty of this competition is the fact that it accepts art of all mediums, subjects, and styles, which increases the participant range by quite the large margin. • Prizes – Medals for the winning entries, artworks will be published in the full-color catalog by the Society of Illustrators, and the winning artworks will also be exhibited at the New York Gallery of the Society of Illustrators. This annual art contest has been around since 1999 and has always strived for bridging the gap between emerging and established artists, and successfully does so each year with its magnificent competition.

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