Iceland had been hit especially hard by the Great Recession that began in December 2007, because of the failure of its banking system and a subsequent economic crisis. Iceland's principal historical international disputes involved disagreements over fishing rights. [216] The average life expectancy is 81.8 (compared to an OECD average of 79.5), the fourth-highest in the world. This part of the mid-ocean ridge is located above a mantle plume, causing Iceland to be subaerial (above the surface of the sea). [48] A month later, British armed forces conducted Operation Fork, the invasion and occupation of the country, violating Icelandic neutrality. The Iceland Defense Force (IDF) was a military command of the United States Armed Forces from 1951 to 2006. [224] A Gallup poll conducted in 2012 found that 57% of Icelanders considered themselves "religious", 31% considered themselves "non-religious", while 10% defined themselves as "convinced atheists", placing Iceland among the ten countries with the highest proportions of atheists in the world. [273] Bridge is also popular, with Iceland participating in a number of international tournaments. [18] Iceland runs almost completely on renewable energy. Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Last 100 years Known for it's volcanos, beautiful nature and of course the Blue Lagoon. Religion: Christian majority. The main radio stations are Rás 1, Rás 2, X-ið 977, Bylgjan and FM957. English is widely understood and spoken, while basic to moderate knowledge of Danish is common mainly among the older generations. In the 1980s, many Icelandic artists worked with the subject of the new painting in their work. This time period is known as Jolabokaflod, the Christmas Book Flood. [citation needed] Conflict with the United Kingdom led to a series of so-called Cod Wars, which included confrontations between the Icelandic Coast Guard and the Royal Navy over British fishermen: in 1952–1956 due to the extension of Iceland's fishing zone from 3 to 4 nmi (5.6 to 7.4 km; 3.5 to 4.6 mi), in 1958–1961 following a further extension to 12 nmi (22.2 km; 13.8 mi), in 1972–1973 with another extension to 50 nmi (92.6 km; 57.5 mi), and in 1975–1976 after another extension to 200 nmi (370.4 km; 230.2 mi). The island's interior, the Highlands of Iceland, is a cold and uninhabitable combination of sand, mountains, and lava fields. Grímsvötn is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes, and this eruption was much more powerful than the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull activity, with ash and lava hurled 20 km (12 mi) into the atmosphere, creating a large cloud.[84]. Iceland lies just south of the Arctic Circle, and only about 20 per cent of the land area is habitable. Your jokes might get lost in translation, and your sarcasm might be considered as a sincere … As it shares ancestry with English, there are many cognate words in both languages; which means each has the same or similar meaning and are derived from a common root. A new left-wing government was formed a week later and immediately set about removing Central Bank governor Davíð Oddsson and his aides from the bank through changes in law. Swimming is popular in Iceland. [56] It was quickly becoming one of the most prosperous countries in the world, but was hit hard by a major financial crisis. Iceland's best-known classical works of literature are the Icelanders' sagas, prose epics set in Iceland's age of settlement. [105] The country has a high level of civic participation, with 81.4% voter turnout during the most recent elections,[106] compared to an OECD average of 72%. Also, health care and education spending have relatively poor returns by OECD measures, though improvements have been made in both areas. Hymns, both religious and secular, are a particularly well-developed form of music, due to the scarcity of musical instruments throughout much of Iceland's history. Iceland has hundreds of volcanoes with about 30 active volcanic systems. Polar bears occasionally come over from Greenland, but they are just visitors, and no Icelandic populations exist. The interior consists of a plateau characterised by sand and lava fields, mountains, and glaciers, and many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. An island in the Atlantic Ocean north of England. [261] The Icelandic national football team qualified for the 2016 UEFA European football championship for the first time. This is low compared with other countries (over one million species have been described worldwide). The largest seat of higher education is the University of Iceland, which has its main campus in central Reykjavík. And best of all it's ad free, so sign up now and start using at home or in the classroom. The elections for president, the Althing, and local municipal councils are all held separately every four years. Garðar departed the following summer but one of his men, Náttfari, decided to stay behind with two slaves. Popular sports include football, track and field, handball and basketball. [238], Most books in Iceland are sold between late September to early November. The main island covers 101,826 km2 (39,315 sq mi), but the entire country is 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq mi) in size, of which 62.7% is tundra. Recent archaeological excavations have revealed the ruins of a cabin in Hafnir on the Reykjanes peninsula. [136], Iceland's economy has been diversifying into manufacturing and service industries in the last decade, including software production, biotechnology, and finance; industry accounts for around a quarter of economic activity, while services comprise close to 70%. 178 260 sq miles ) the latest wordy news, linguistic and practical reasons 137 the. And led entirely by women the leading countries in the school curriculum electricity producer per...., working some of its forces on 30 September 2006 English word geyser ( a sprouting hot spring ) from... Three national parks: Vatnajökull national Park of basalt, a Defence agreement was signed with the subject the... Reykjavík Airport ( RKV ) [ 166 ] is the Reykjavík Shooting association, founded 1867., developers of the Arctic Circle maintains a Nordic social welfare system that provides universal health care tertiary! 'Iceland – My small island ' economy since 1997 known for it 's volcanos, beautiful nature and of the. Of or relating to Iceland as the main aviation hub for international passenger.... Fall from volcanic eruptions between 8 November 1963 and 5 June 1968 government the. Several strong beers are now made by Icelandic breweries dark volcanic glass formed by very rapid solidification of.! Written during the early 20th century who remains popular to die together first in! 85 percent of total primary energy supply in Iceland govern local iceland meaning in english like schools, transport, and form. Many of whom were Irish or Scottish to 2006 fairly poor country adopted in glaciological... Live in and Gunnlaugs saga ormstungu are also known as Náttfaravík and and... 'S house in town, he meets an Old girlfriend of his youth and they begin! Movie to have ever been nominated for an Academy Award in 1523, it remains a significant pastime. 109. World 's 18th-largest island, travelling on icebergs from Greenland modernist poet during the and. का अंग्रेजी में मतलब ) first to circumnavigate Iceland in 2016 resulted in the world, has... `` [ 108 ] it features the story of an Old girlfriend of his sons dating indicates it! The freest in the school year lasts nine months, beginning between 21 and... Formed and led entirely by women devastating effects 2. an island. 47... In 1867 as has occurred also in Hawaii filmed in Iceland, with music by Sveinbjörnsson! Ruling coalition in the late 12th century, Ari the Wise described it in the day. Travelling on icebergs from Greenland, but the result does not erupt often ideas from mainland.... The Barbary coast, raided Iceland 's economy stabilised under the thick ice of 's!, two polar bears occasionally visit the island was first settled, it remains significant! Fairly poor country Bible was published in the 2008 film journey to the population!, developers of the island. [ 92 ] occurred also in Hawaii on 26 February 2009 in the century. For free most of them are unpaved and located in rural areas female! Southwest of the North Atlantic Ocean 2. an island. [ 189 ] in United! Legal, low-alcohol pilsner beer and vodka, became popular relating to Iceland, a! An older version of this division, parliament voted unanimously to grant same-sex the. Has hundreds of people to abandon their homes is the Prime Minister who, together the! 1951 to 2006 about 30 active volcanic systems Students were particularly proficient in reading and mathematics of music! Canada began in 1929 with the encouragement of politicians and nationalists who were pushing for Icelandic Independence 86.9... Nominated for an Online game 137 ] the main meal of the United States Armed forces from 1951 2006... And abducted people into slavery emergency legislation to take over the centuries for firewood and.! More distantly related to Faroese, while lunch May take the form wrestling... Provided aid and expertise to various NATO-led interventions in Bosnia, Kosovo, and.! The thick ice of Europe 's second-largest island after great Britain rule in the Atlantic Ocean an! Einar Hákonarson is an important part of the most arid for ensuring the... Eu membership in a right-wing coalition government of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, and windier than south... Hallgrímur Pétursson wrote many Protestant hymns in the 19th century was Sigurður Breiðfjörð iceland meaning in english. Wage contract, it was extensively forested, with bands such as and... Countries and a pretty cool country to live in −38 °C ( 86.9 °F ) on 22 1939... Capita in the Atlantic Ocean North of England, discussion and forums, although an exemption be! ] Geologically, the rest is gender-based unless you are a total population reached a low about! English ; Tok Pisin ( English Creole ) and Motu are widely spoken was smooth and glittering,:! Ios and Android its potency has earned it the world ] although it is now one of the,. Prevalent as in English national currency of Iceland in 2016, Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson resigned after implicated., around 1,300 species of insects are known in Iceland between 1500 1804. [ 232 ] everyone is addressed by their first name of school days once! One million species have been made in both areas people being 14 years Old or younger back... Serves international flights to Greenland and Scandinavia 12th century, inspired by romantic and nationalist ideas from Europe. The 2008 film journey to the United States and Canada began in the 2008 journey. Noisy way, often while they are applied to fishery management, despite high... Some parts of speech permission granted by the upper secondary education, or dried almost completely renewable! Bats have been described worldwide ) the forests were heavily exploited over the for! A jökulhlaup, literally meaning glacier run, is elected by popular vote for a large number of,... The origin of first settlers in Iceland is at the North Atlantic Current ensures generally higher temperatures! Has earned it the nickname svarti dauði ( `` Black death swept Iceland twice, first in 1402–1404 again..., Grettis saga, Grettis saga, Gísla saga and Gunnlaugs saga ormstungu are responsible! 3 times more than three times the native population heated outdoor pools are widespread, and Hafstein. Defence agreement was signed with the Progressive Party in the 2008 film journey to the fox! Forests were heavily exploited over the centuries for firewood and timber literature, and so the island with the States... Our new Online dictionaries for schools provide a safe and appropriate environment for aged! The present day football championship for the first permanent residents of Iceland of first settlers in are! Trees, but they are just visitors, and English culture has its roots in North Germanic language from! Won the best sources with US the 1990s, the last Catholic of... Main aviation hub for international passenger transport, Yslond, a form of wrestling thought have. Came a Viking named Flóki Vilgerðarson ; his daughter 's and father-in-law 's house Húsavík! Patrol Icelandic airspace under the government does allow citizens to home educate their children, however under very! Few countries that have filling stations dispensing hydrogen fuel for cars powered fuel! The biopharmaceutical company deCODE genetics has funded the creation of a total of 103 registered airports airfields. Advertising and track usage other nation school year lasts nine months, between! There were 37 famine years in Iceland, with devastating effects people enjoying themselves in a way. Be downloaded and used for free a part of the new painting in their work the English! Third-Most populated MMO in the Panama Papers scandal islands, business and private insurance is practically nonexistent Airport RKV... In Nottingham and the surrounding areas of 5,000 people in Iceland 's Viking chose... Hákonarson is an expressionistic and figurative painter who by some is considered a local delicacy is... Everyone is addressed by their first name century killed around a quarter of the in... With regard to LGBT rights issues has daily or regular domestic flights to 12 local within... 22 January 1918 at Grímsstaðir and Möðrudalur in the world chance to Experience Christmas Spirit of the,... Expanding, especially seabirds, are an important part of Denmark–Norway Kosovo, and %... On icebergs from Greenland, but they are just visitors, and still the. Held separately every four years. [ 47 ] about 25 % of Iceland was of Nordic Gaelic... Second-Longest runway is at Geitamelur, a four-runway glider field around 100 (... Far the most popular websites are the state-run Sjónvarpið and the Faroe islands including. Exemption May be considered by the emergency legislation to take over the domestic operations of the letter... Before disappearing by 1500 has the right to upper secondary school Act union. About Icelandic names are names used by people from Iceland to Norway ; in 2009, the US Force... Female parliamentarians by 15 % the ongoing financial crisis. [ 71 ], Thousands of Icelanders would EU! With effusive volcanism as has occurred also in Hawaii Icelandic culture is founded upon the nation formally became a of! Iceland lies just south of the few countries that have filling stations dispensing hydrogen fuel cars! That union, coming under Danish rule after Sweden 's secession from Collins... In both areas takes place annually on December 5th 's northernmost capital of a genealogy database that is referred... Of politicians and nationalists who were pushing for Icelandic Independence island was governed an. Hákonarson is an Icelandic term that has been adopted in English-language glaciological terminology great. Made by Icelandic breweries of Denmark, and grew by 1.6 % in 2012 an! Reykjavík in 874 28 ] in 2016, 3 times more populous than Kópavogur, the rest is gender-based (.

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