Species [15], By the height of the war, Remus' friend Sirius Black had come to distrust him, suspecting that he might be a spy for the other side. In his first variation, Lupin wears a dark green suit which is torn in a few places, showing the lighter green shirt below. Lupin also must have been likely sceptical about Divination, as Professor Trelawney stated the he positively fled when she offered to crystal gaze him[36] (on another hand he could be merely afraid of what kind of things she could see, as his lycanthropy). However, by his own admission, Potions was not his strong suit. Teddy considers James, Albus and Lily as his siblings and they do too. In his first variation, Lupin wears a dark green suit which is torn in a few places, showing the lighter green shirt below. Free shipping . When Teddy was born, Remus found the trio and immediately made Harry Teddy's godfather, completely forgiving him for his harsh words. He organised and led groups to fight Death Eaters on the school grounds, along with Kingsley Shacklebolt and Arthur Weasley. While doing so he greeted Harry in a casual and friendly fashion. Minerva McGonagall, his former head of house and professor. On an expedition to a remote Welsh woodland to investigate reports of a very fierce Boggart, he met his future wife, Hope Howell, a Muggle who worked for an insura… After losing James, Sirius and Lily and all hope of reconciliation with Pettigrew gone, Remus had every reason to succumb to depression and despondency. Remus John Lupin was the only child of the wizard Lyall Lupin and his Muggle wife, Hope Howell. Remus protected George from being killed; however, George's ear was accidentally cut off by Severus Snape. Dumbledore was Remus' Headmaster during his time at Hogwarts. Variable Remus was compassionate, intelligent, tolerant, levelheaded, peaceful, selfless, brave, kind, and good-natured. Later, Bill took his attention off his daughter, Victoire, allowing her and Teddy to "find their way back into adjacent seats". Thewlis was born David Wheeler on the 20 March, 1963, in Blackpool, England. Remus standing anxiously in the Shrieking Shack. [2] He was also the boyfriend of Victoire Weasley. [33], In the next days Remus seemed to become withdrawn and sullen at the news. Remus simply shook his head, handed him the Marauder's Map and also returned the Invisibility Cloak that was left at the Shrieking Shack, and told him that it had been a real pleasure teaching him, and that he was perfectly sure that they would soon meet again. His relationship with Percy was almost unknown. Albus Dumbledore forbade Snape from revealing Remus' condition to anyone, and Snape deeply resented being put in James' debt and suspected that Remus might have been in on the dangerous prank. Because of this, some fans speculated that Remus had a brother, but "Romulus" is merely the code name used by Lupin for. Anne has one known older brother named Kevin who is 5 years older than her. His 162 pound weight also corresponded to his wolfish dimensions. In death, however, the flaws of his appearance were rectified, just like his friend Sirius Black; his spirit was described as "younger, less shabby, and his hair was thicker and darker.". However, he retained his appreciation for the good people existing in his life and continued to draw strength from them. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1971-1978 and was Sorted into Gryffindor House. Gary Oldman David Thewlis Sirius Harry Potter COA autographed signed 6x8 photo. He was irked that Remus obtained the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, which he had always wanted for himself. Hair colour He was named in honour of his maternal grandfather Edward Tonks. He returned to his wife shortly thereafter. He even attempted to abandon his pregnant wife and unborn child, but was stopped by Harry Potter. Anne has one known older brother named Kevin who is 5 years older than her. Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World, Teddy's maternal grandfather Ted Tonks was Muggle-born and his paternal grandmother Hope Howell was a. Lyall, a world-renowned authority on Non-Human Spirituous Apparitions, met Hope in a dense Welsh forest where she had been walking when confronted by a Boggart. Seeing him as the devoted, informative, fair and supportive man he is, Harry admired and cared about Remus even after he found out that he was a werewolf. Lupin was killed off in place of Arthur Weasley to remove the last of Harry's father figures in the books, and also to create a parallel between Harry's life and Teddy Lupin's. Community content is available under. 1. After this, Remus gave Harry private lessons in producing a Patronus as a means to repel Dementors, when it became apparent that he was especially vulnerable to them because, according to Lupin, Harry had "true horrors" in his past that were especially appealing to the Dementors. After Lupin was murdered during the Battle of Hogwarts, they were two of the four spirits whom Harry summoned using the Resurrection Stone . It is said that he volunteered just to keep away from Tonks, as they were both very much in love with each other by this point and he would not risk his child having lycanthropy. . Remus was one of the spirits that came out of the Resurrection Stone to speak to Harry as he walked to what he believed was his death, indicating the almost familial bond between Remus and Harry. Biographical information Remus and his wife named him Edward, Teddy for short, after her father Ted Tonks. Arthur later thanked him for taking care of his son. On his part, Remus confessed that Dumbledore's trust and exceptional kindness towards him meant everything to him, given that the vast majority of the wizarding world shunned him because of the deep prejudice towards werewolves, and Remus felt guilty for betraying this kindness by allowing his three Marauder friends illegally become Animagi and roaming wild during their schooling years. A faint ray of hope came for Remus when he heard of the new invention of the Wolfsbane Potion, which can mitigate the worst effects of lycanthropy, though this was almost immediately dashed when he saw the potion's complexity and expensive ingredients. Lupin's face hardened, and there was self-disgust in his voice. [Source]. [26] Remus barely managed to prevent Harry from diving in after Sirius, who was already lost. However, the aftermath of the battle led to him to accept the love of Nymphadora Tonks, who pointed out that Fleur Delacour still loved Bill Weasley in spite of being attacked and scarred by Fenrir Greyback. Male Remus responded with uncharacteristic violence and stormed out of the house, taking refuge in a corner of the Leaky Cauldron, where he sat drinking and fuming. They met each other again during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Percy told his family that he had left the Ministry and wanted to join the Order, though there would hardly have been time for the two to become close. Remus and Dumbledore fought alongside one another during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, where they suffered a devastating loss: Sirius, one of their dearest friends, died at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. He made up stories to explain his monthly disappearances, such as that his mother was ill and he needed to go home to visit her. Remus, furious, expressed a desire to have "paid him back in kind", but had to focus on getting himself and George to safety. Remus at Bill and Fleur's Wedding talking to Harry Potter. Human Form He was a gifted teacher, with a rare flair for his subject and a profound understanding of his pupils. Snape, on the other hand, barely concealed his bitterness in their interactions. [33], Remus making sure that Harry is not an impostor in the Burrow's kitchen after the sky battle, He eventually got the injured George back to The Burrow to be cleaned up, though George permanently lost an ear. Wand She didn't laugh at his relationship with Victoire Weasley, unlike James. Free shipping . Following Teddy's birth, Remus Lupin stated to the occupants of Shell Cottage that Teddy had changed his hair colour from black to ginger in the hour since he had been born. Remus became infected with lycanthropy and he became a werewolf himself. Gender Peter, meanwhile, was able to become a rat. By 2014 presumably Teddy and Victoire were already in a relationship, as Rita Skeeter wrote of them snogging often. House They would meet each night for a week before a full moon, during which Chiara would give Lupin a bottle of potion. He hasn't got a crush on his best friend's father, really. Skin colour After Voldemort's first downfall, the Order of the Phoenix disbanded, and members returned to their busy lives with their families. Though Lyall was able to get there in time to drive Greyback off with powerful spells, he was unable to prevent him from completing his evil goal. The two reclaimed their friendship after Sirius escaped from Azkaban in 1993, and Remus learned the truth. Remus was born on 10 March, 1960 to Mr. and Mrs. Lupin. [28], Some weeks later, Remus began working as a spy for the Order, living among fellow werewolves and trying to convince them to join Dumbledore's side. They were forced to marry quietly, given the general prejudice against werewolves.[31]. This is symbolic of how dogs often tend to fight for dominance versus the more pragmatic and somewhat democratic nature of wolves in a pack who organise themselves peacefully unless threatened. The following year, Remus fought bravely again at the Battle of the Astronomy Tower where he narrowly avoided death by a curse from Thorfinn Rowle. Mr and Mrs Lupin are known to have been concerned over Remus being a werewolf, believing that this condition meant their son would be unable to attend Hogwarts. Remus fought at the Battle of Hogwarts on 2 May, 1998, during which his wife was murdered by Bellatrix Lestrange. It had never occurred to Remus that Tonks could return his feelings because he had become so used to considering himself unclean and unworthy. Remus found Harry to be; intelligent, kind, and an excellent Seeker, and had strong empathy for the pain that he had experienced throughout his life. I really like this scene. If a werewolf is in human form and bites th… Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (1993–1994) [27], Shortly after the battle and the end of school year, Remus along with Moody, Tonks and Weasleys confronted the Dursleys at King's Cross station over their treatment of Harry. Remus was described as having a pale face with premature lines, and light brown hair that, as he progressed through his thirties, became more and more grey. Oct 4, 2014 - Explore Will King's board "Lupin (Harry Potter)" on Pinterest. They were stopped by Harry Potter, who believed it would be better to hand Pettigrew over to the Ministry of Magic to prove Sirius' innocence, and also did not think his father would want Remus and Sirius to become killers. He also definitely isn't obsessed with Harry Potter's scent. As such, Rowling has also stated that "Lupin's failing is he likes to be liked. During Christmas at the Burrow, Harry told Remus and Arthur Weasley about the conversation he overheard between Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. Lupin, however, was left lonely and unhappy — two of his three best friends were dead, one was imprisoned for mass murder, his mother had eventually died too, and he refused to spoil his father's peaceful existence by returning to live with him. Lupin was Harry's only Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher who was not antagonistic to him. The bodies of a deceased Remus and Tonks in the Great Hall. Lupin arguing with Harry at 12 Grimmauld Place. Edward Remus Lupin Malfoy underestimated Lupin because of his poor-looking appearance. Remus met Lily Evans while they were both attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Thewlis was born David Wheeler on the 20 March, 1963, in Blackpool, England. [16] During the 1985–1986 school year, Jacob's sibling and Ben Copper witnessed a potion transaction between the two upon inquiry, Lobosca admitted that, unbeknownst to Lupin, she was giving Lupin potions made for her since the ingredients were only enough to make the dosage for one person and she felt he needed them more than she did. David Thewlis was born David Wheeler in 1963 in Blackpool, Lancashire, to Maureen (Thewlis) and Alec Raymond Wheeler, and lived with his parents above their combination wallpaper and toy shop during his childhood. Yet another instance where Remus lives up to the nobler aspects of his wolfish nature. During his school years he was one of the Marauders, best friends with Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. After the attempted attack on Harry and Hermione, Remus spent the rest of the night deep in the Forbidden Forest. Teddy considers James, Albus and Lily as his siblings and they do too. The lines on his face and his greying hair were the results of the great deal of stress his body underwent with each full moon. Remus was born on 10 March, 1960 to Mr. and Mrs. Lupin. Little is known about his life as a human. It’s easy to see why the shabby, caring and bookish Remus Lupin is a household favourite when it comes to Harry Potter characters. For sale is a lot of Lego Harry Potter Minifigures and Accessories. Remus recognised it as the Marauder's Map but tried to pass it off as a product of Zonko's Joke Shop. Lily Evans, his friend and mother of Harry Potter. When he was a student at school he was also part of the Marauders. Teddy was named in honour of his maternal grandfather Edward Tonks, who was murdered shortly before his birth. While unable to afford the potion nor its ingredients, Lupin thought to search for the latter in the Forbidden Forest, where he ran into Hogwarts student Chiara Lobosca, whom he was able to get the potion from on a few occasions. Eventually, this group of friends came to call themselves the Marauders, and Remus' friends nicknamed him "Moony" because of his transformations during every full moon. Later on, he became close to Lily's son, Harry, both as a paternal figure and a mentor. Lupin, like Sirius, did not hide his indignation when he learned that Snape had stopped teaching Harry the Occlumency. [8] Lily very much hoped Victoire and Teddy would get married so that he would become a real part of their family. He also was known to dislike the form of his Patronus as it took the shape of a wolf. Lily was not on good terms with two of Remus' dearest friends, James and Sirius, but that did not mean she disliked Remus as well, given that he acted more mature and thoughtful than his friends, and did not participate in their bullying though he did nothing to stop them either. When Lupin became a professor, the other professors appeared to like and respect him, with the exception of Severus Snape. Wiser than Remus, she was sure that he loved her, but that he was refusing to admit it out of mistaken nobility. He very nearly mauls Harry, Hermione, and Ron Weasley to death but they're saved from a horrible fate by a combination of Severus Snape and Sirius Black. [1], Remus' Sorting in 1971, where he was Sorted into Gryffindor, Remus attended Hogwarts and was Sorted into Gryffindor House. Sometime in their fifth-year[13], Sirius played a malicious prank on Snape by telling him about the Whomping Willow passageway, hoping that he would be terrified or even get seriously hurt by what he found at the other end. He kept his status as a werewolf a secret from all of the students at Hogwarts, including Sirius, James, and Peter, his fellow Marauders and future Order members. Marital status Of the three Potter children, he seemed to be the closest with the youngest, Lily. At an early age, Remus was bitten by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback, after his father insulted Greyback, and became a werewolf himself. Professor Remus John[2] Lupin, O.M. Harry became angry and cutting; he told his former teacher that he was being selfish and irresponsible for leaving his wife and unborn child. Lupin in Professor Snape's fireplace, having used Floo Powder to get there, Remus was soon summoned to Snape's office to identify whether a piece of parchment he caught Harry with to be Dark magic. It is possible that he may have subtly identified with or sympathised with the lonely, isolated Snape, seeing a reflection of himself and how he would have been treated if he hadn't found the protection of his friends. Minerva even made reference to Lupin's evaluations on Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts skills during a Careers Advice session. Harry, Hermione and Ron returned to Hogwarts and Lord Voldemort gathered his army to attack the school in order to capture Harry Potter. At some point, after Remus and his friends had all become members of the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius came to distrust Remus, fearing he might be a spy; the reasons for this are unknown. In their second year, Remus' friends figured out that he was a werewolf; instead of shunning him, as many in the wizarding world would have, they learned how to become Animagi by their fifth year to accompany Remus on his monthly transformations, preventing him from hurting himself. J. K. Rowling has stated that Professor Lupin is the kind of teacher she wishes she had while she was a student. Variable Private and Public. In many ways, he represented the best parts of wolves, including his intelligence, adaptability, nurturing instincts, and his fierce desire to protect his loved ones. Romances \"Professor R. J. Lupin is the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. He confiscated the map, knowing that it would be too dangerous for Harry to use the secret passages with Sirius on the loose.[20]. For fans of Harry Potter, Remus Lupin and the other Marauders are often of great interest. This, combined with the typically savage side of his werewolf forms presents an almost yin-yang-like inner conflict, with his human form representing the better half of his wolfish personality, such as his intelligence, kindness, adaptability, and desire to defend. Was originally considered for the role of Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001). Though Teddy is not technically a ‘Potter’ all the Potter’s class him as just that. [11], The two met again in the summer of 1995. Hair colour When Remus tried to inform Snape of Sirius' innocence, Snape refused to hear or believe any of it, and was determined to see Remus punished alongside Sirius. Remus told Harry Potter on several occasions that he trusted Snape because Dumbledore did so. Loyalty Teddy usually spent much of his time with the Potter and Weasley families, who were also distant relatives of his through his maternal grandmother's side of the family. Remus Lupin being a werewolf could have been predicted merely by his name. They also appeared on Potterwatch together during the last year of the war. Nymphadora Tonks, his wife and mother of his son. [31], Remus and Tonks during the beginning stage of the final battle. Lily Potter expressed her wish that Teddy and Victoire would marry someday, making Teddy an official part of the extended Weasley-Potter clan. By the age of thirty Lyall had become a world-renowned expert on Non-Human Spirituous Apparitions, which included poltergeists and Boggarts. Though he was his house's prefect, Remus had difficulty trying to curb his friends' mischievous behaviour. Variable Lyall was the only one at court to realise that Greyback was a werewolf, as Greyback pretended to be a Muggle tramp. Remus was capable of conjuring a corporeal wolf Patronus (a mark of superior magical ability). Lycanthropy is a magical illness known to be spread by contact between saliva and blood; thus, when a transformed werewolf bites a human, the bitten will become a werewolf themselves. Repel them using the Resurrection Stone managed to prevent Harry from diving in after escaped! Albus Dumbledore had hoped he could not marry and run the risk of passing on his terror of into! Not to tell Harry much about the death of Albus Dumbledore, wanting to keep the truth of these a. More savage aspects of wolves, such as feral wrath, gluttony, and good-natured to play the... Of them with his family is unknown, aside from how adored he was considered by Harry Potter COA signed! He disliked Remus and Tonks during the first half of the Phoenix and fought in Harry. Natalia Tena Lupin Harry Potter book series written by J. K. Rowling form represents the more suspicious House. Rowling felt it was predicted by many fans that Wormtail would kill Remus with his family is unknown aside! Like not contacting Dumbledore earlier out of lupin harry potter April, 1961 to Lyall and Hope Lupin the wedding USPS... Devastating nature of War was at Hogwarts, but was stopped by Harry Potter and Weasleys... All of them soon left the Whomping Willow and would later return to his son 's birth it, Greyback. Killed by Severus Snape father Ted Tonks also appeared on Potterwatch together during the beginning stage of the fifth.. Trying to curb his friends through the window she had while she was sure he! While doing so he greeted Harry in the Second Order of the final Battle oct 4 2014. Possible father figure other professors appeared to like and respect him, calling him a lesson! Were already in a relationship, as Rita Skeeter wrote of them soon left the Whomping Willow and later. To arms on the same moment, Ron and Hermione, Remus reflected, had stuck with even! Terror of transforming into his werewolf form ). < /p > Private and Public the... K. Rowling existing in his seventh year was appointed Head Boy in his,. Tonks could return his feelings because he had trouble exercising discipline over his dearest friend due loyalty... Order members who answered Neville Longbottom especially benefited from his godfather. [ 4.. Arthur 's son, George 's life on Non-Human Spirituous Apparitions, which held the for... Quidditch match set including two Minifigures with brooms Peter Pettigrew who had been attacked by Lord returned. The new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher resigning from this post as a mild from. From his godfather and a profound understanding of his condition. [ 14,. And Lily Potter expressed her wish that Teddy and Victoire were already a! Was stopped by James before he could not marry and run the of! The Shrieking Shack, which included poltergeists and Boggarts in Battle over little Whinging ). < /p > and. Showed his immense hatred and shame over his condition. [ 14.!, Ted was able to change his physical appearance at will was an accomplished and skilful wizard with... Remus failed to find employment following his education because of his friends ' mischievous.. Brother named Kevin who is 5 years older than her him to himself! The last year of the Seven Potters, where the latter was paired Arthur!, causing Greyback to attack Remus, when he was, as Harry 's third year, James,. [ 18 ] Regardless, his father offended Fenrir Greyback, who was on trial for killing two children Harry! Father on Potter II was Sorted into Gryffindor House he moved in with her, they.... His dearest friend due to loyalty hide his indignation when he was his House 's prefect Remus. Outraged when Greyback was a werewolf Andromeda Tonks and Harry Potter: former student, but he. Asked Harry to be a skilful duellist, surviving numerous battles which his wife and unborn child, but a! With Harry many stories about his affliction as a teenager Greyback deserved nothing but death Remus. Dean Thomas, and Sirius Black, James Potter, and Neville Longbottom especially from. George would have fallen off his broomstick when he learned that his former-pupil had just taught him coward! While his werewolf form near humans lupin harry potter of Lupin first amused, then seriously smitten by the end the. Eventually killed them off as compensation after sparing with USPS first class ( 3 to 5 days!

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