Test Drive the Members Area. The spring colors hold fairly well late into the season but do darken in the summer. As a solitary specimen it is breathtaking, its fall foliage remaining for weeks, then falling into a brilliant pool of crimson, orange, or gold on the garden floor. Great purple red spring and early summer color and holds some color through out the season . Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost' is the Japanese maple for you. It would indeed be a matter of pride if you happen to incorporate this produc into your garden. Buy Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost' Japanese maple online mail-order. Water deeply twice a week; water more often if it is a newly planted tree or a container-grown tree. Coloured in an uncommon but gorgeous hue, this maple bonsai is one in a million and the credit goes to its purple leaves. A purchase of a Purple Ghost Japanese maple is a true investment in your yard! HOT !! Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost' (Dec) (z6) A knock-out in summer with DEEP purple foliage veined in black (when grown in sun), this upright (20-30') maple steals the show again in fall when it turns orange-to-red. .. while the purple ghost will not get more than 15’ in 20 yrs. Summer leaves fade to green while keeping the purple undertones. Positive: On Jun 17, 2005, DLHnursery from Benson, NC (Zone 7b) wrote: It’s only $7.00 for 30 days then you can cancel if you want. Sun-PSh/Med . In the fall, this beauty transforms into vibrant orange and reds. Some of the Purple Ghost Japanese maples that I had at the nursery. Japanese Maple Grafting. Most Japanese maples sold commercially have been grafted. ... More about Purple Ghost Japanese Maple... We think this is one of the best introductions in recent years. Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost' is beautiful reticulated maple that emerges with rich purple red leaves. CARE OF JAPANESE MAPLES. There are hundreds of Japanese maple varieties that come in various sizes with a large assortment of leaf shapes and colors that range from shades of green to orange, red, purple, and variegated. Japanese maple trees can provide a striking focal point, be the perfect plant to set off a large container, or grow into an impressive bonsai specimen. This one and the Amber Ghost are truly special. Few plants can equal the beauty and command of a Japanese Maple in the autumn landscape. I have two of these at my nursery that I’m selling this spring for $149.00 each so $15.00 truly is a bargain. Planting & Care Guide ... Another great Ghost . Purple Ghost is a beautiful variegated red Japanese maple. Purple Ghost is a stunning specimen with deep purple-red reticulated leaves with black veining in the spring. Buy this variegated Japanese maple tree online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store. Prominent dark veins run throughout the leaves that further accentuate the beauty of this maple. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. Our container-grown maples are expertly grown from grafts with the utmost care. Sold Out. Home / A Passion for Plants / Japanese Maples / Palmatum / Purple Ghost Japanese Maple. How-to: Planting and Caring for Japanese Maple Trees. Has the same distorted leaf look as the amber ghost and the Aka shigitasu sawa and the Kasagi yama . Hi Paul, purple ghost is a family member of Acer palmatum (Japanese maples) while the dark purple leaves maples that you asked is from the regular maples which will grow to 30-40 ft in 10-20 yrs like the other sugar maple. Purple Ghost Japanese Maple is a deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. Before we offer them for sale, plants are fully rooted and well-branched in 2, 3 or 5 gallon containers. When you see it, we think you will agree. 3) Purple Ghost Japanese Maple Tree Bonsai. Grafting is a very old method of reproducing plants, especially those that are difficult to grow from seed and cuttings. Japanese maple falls into this category. Purple Ghost is an amazing Japanese maple that pulls you in like a magnet. Purple Ghost Japanese Maple $ 29.97 – $ 54.97. Summer heat and draught problems: Mulch your trees with 2 1/2 - 3" of shredded bark, preferably hardwood, to insulate the roots and prevent water from evaporating around the tree.

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